Seksenler (The Eighties) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama 2021

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Who are Seksenler (The Eighties) new season players? What the story? When will be released? Which channel be aired?

Seksenler (The Eighties) series will continue from where it left off. TRT1's popular series will be with the audience on Thursday evening with its new season episodes. İlker Ayrik took part in the new season of Seksenler, which managed to lock the audience on the screen with its strong cast and interesting story.

Reha Özcan was among the actors of TRT1's phenomenon series Seksenler (The Eighties). The popular series will be screened with new episodes. The character of Çağatay will also be with the followers of the series. The new season players and the synopsis are in our news...

Seksenler (The Eighties) is the story of people living in a small neighborhood of Istanbul in the eighties. A period drama with every scene… Nostalgic, energetic and very funny…

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The record-breaking series of TRT 1 screens, Seksenler (The Eighties), is starting again with its new season and new cast! The actors participating in the series, which will be screened with the first episode of the 9th season tonight, and the topics that the series will cover this season are being investigated. 

Synopsis of Seksenler (The Eighties)

The series began to tell about the period of the 90s. A school was added to the neighborhood and the teachers' room, principal and canteen inside the school were displayed.

The old police station in the neighborhood became the "Çınaraltı Game Hall". The future will be shown again in the series and the 2020s will appear. Added the house of Ahmet and Gülden in 2021. Added Riza Amir's house and new police station.

Character Cast of Seksenler

Ahmet (Soray Uzun)

Ahmet is the eldest son of the house. On the one hand, he has to try to stand on his own in the roar of life and provide a future for his children, but on the other hand, he has to take care of his father's hearth, which he considers dear to everything.

Amelie (Zeynep Demirel)

The new bride, whom Çağatay met and married in Belgium... She worked in Belgium as a well-educated teacher. After falling in love with Çağatay, they got married and gave up everything and came to Turkey. Now she will try to endear herself to the Özdemir Family. She learned Turkish cuisine and customs from a Turkish neighbor in Belgium. After she arrives, she will call many things that she does not know by phone and ask Nazmiye's sister. Rukiye's surprise is that she is so talented in Turkish food.

Çagatay (İlker Ayrik)

Çağatay, who went to Belgium years ago at the expense of confronting his family and who has been angry with his father Fehmi and his brother Ahmet for a long time, returns to the neighborhood in a surprise. Moreover, he does not return alone. Çağatay got married in Belgium unaware of everyone and returned home with his Belgian wife. He will now live with his wife and family, try to find a job in Turkey, and at the same time try to make amends with Ahmet and Fehmi.

Gulden (Ayşe Tolga)

She is Ahmet's wife of the same age, Gülden, is a good woman, but like all mothers, she also takes care of her children.

Teacher Metin (Reha Ozcan)

He's a new high school literature teacher. At the age of forty-five, he is an idealistic innovative teacher who devoted his life to education. As soon as he meets the students, he establishes a strong communication and is someone who will change their lives over time. Metin Hodja has an extraordinary and entertaining style, and he draws the attention of the students by explaining the lessons in this extraordinary style.

Riza Amir (Onur Dilber)

Rıza Amir is a character loved by the people of the neighborhood, who is appreciated for his good behavior and efforts to distinguish the right from the wrong.

Rukiye (Ozlem Turkad)

A mother, a traditional Turkish woman... Fehmi's wife, mothers of Ahmet, Nazlı and Çağatay... She spends her life with her family in that tiny house.

Sami (Berat Yenilmez)

Elvan (Begüm Öner)

Şahin (Ceyhun Fersoy)

Mesut (Necmi Yapıcı)

Bahtiyar (Faruk Sofuoğlu)

Bekir (Ali Konuk)

Aret (Erdem Baş)

Ali (Hakan Bulut)

Hilmi (Deniz Oral)

Nevzat (Eray Yasin Işık)

Tuncer (Baran Karaoğlan)

Levent (Zeki Yılmaz)

Semih (Bektaş Erdoğan)

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