Turkish Drama 'Maraşlı' Episode 23: Trailer And Summary

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The new 23rd episode trailer of Maraşlı (Marashli) has been released! Prosecutor Tolga interrogates Nevzat, but cannot find the information he wants. What happen in the episode on June 21st?

Successful actors in the cast of Maraşli are Burak Deniz plays as Maraşlı and Alina Boz plays the character of Mahur. Also in the cast of Maraşlı; Names such as Kerem Atabeyoğlu, Rojda Demirer, Ahmet Varlı, Cemil Büyükdöğerli, Abdül Süsler, Melis İşiten, Cengiz Sezgin and Neslihan Acar also take roles. Maraşlı new episodes are on ATV on Monday evenings!

The Maraş series, which promises tension and action, in which the events surrounding the characters of Maraşlı and Mahur are told, continues to come to the screens. The producers of the Maraşlı series, produced by Tims&B Productions, are Timur Savcı and Burak Sağyaşar, with Arda Sarıgün sitting in the director's chair. We share with you the new episode trailers of the Maraşlı series, what happened in the end episode and other episode.

marasli episode 23
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What happen in the end episode?

Nevzat puts his own photograph in Mehmet İnce's file. Prosecutor Tolga interrogates Nevzat, but cannot find the information he wants. The prosecutor becomes more obsessed with the Mehmet İnce file. Why is Mehmet Ince so important? Why is everyone after Mehmet İnce? Hurdaci and Savaş learn that Mehmet İnce's file is in the prosecutor's office. They devise a plan to get the file from the Prosecutor. Hurdaci has dangerous plans for Tolga. Will the plan of Savas and Hurdaci work?

Maraşlı now has to bring Mahur and Zeliş together. He makes a speech with Zelis. He explains why he had to speak like a Maraşlı as Zeliş would understand. Mahur, Maraşlı and Zeliş meet for dinner. Maraşlı tries to talk as little as possible, he is nervous. Will Zeliş tell Mahur that her father is Mehmet İnce? Hurdaci and Savaş take Nevzat. Savas is in favor of killing Nevzat immediately, but Hurdaci does not allow it. They take Nevzat to a warehouse. In Maraşlı, he goes to the warehouse to pick up Nevzat. Will Maraşlı and Hurdacı come face to face?

Maraşlı Episode 23 Trailer

"Someone tells me that you want to get away from me..."

Maraşlı Episode 23 Summary

Maraşlı and Hurdaci come face to face. Maraşlı points his gun at Hurdaci and asks him to speak. Prosecutor Tolga raids Hurdaci's place with his team. Maraşlı's mind is full of question marks when he learns that scrap dealer is his father. Will Maraşlı be able to find out why his father wanted to kill him? Why is the scrap dealer after Maraşlı? 

Mahur meets Zeliş at school. Mahur realizes that Zeliş is still in favor of Maraşlı marrying Hilal. Mahur has one more person to talk to before responding to Maraşlı's marriage proposal. Will Mahur say "yes" to Maraşlı? Hurdaci is angry with Savaş that the police raided his place and gives the order to kill him. Hurdaci's men scavenge Savaş's place. Savas and Hurdaci come to a showdown. The war between the two has now begun. Who will be the winner? 

Savaş suspects that Maraşlı is Mehmet İnce and takes action. He wants to learn this truth from Maraşlı's closest people. He goes after Fuad and Mahur. Will Savas find out that Maraşlı is Mehmet İnce? What is the great danger waiting for Fuad and Mahur?

Maraşlı (Marashli) is on ATV on Monday June 21st at 08 P.M  with a new 23rd episode!. Read Also All Episode of Maraşlı (Marashli)

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