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Ümit Kantarcılar Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actor

Who is Ümit Kantarcılar, where is he from, how old is he? In which TV series and movies has he acted?

Ümit Kantarcılar continues to be the name sought by many viewers on the screen. Ümit Kantarcılar, who appeared in some TV series and movies throughout his career, most recently appeared in front of the camera in the program called Apartments Compete. So, who is Ümit Kantarcılar, where is he from, how old is he? Here is some information about that name.

Ümit İbrahim Kantarcılar was born on October 10, 1987 in Antalya. He started the theater with the school theater. Later, he played plays in Antalya Municipality Theatre. He received an award for his play Mifillik at the Antalya Municipality Theatre. He entered the Müjdat Gezen conservatory in 2005. After his education at MGSM, he started acting at the Ali Poyrazoğlu Theatre. Ümit Kantarcılar got married in 2014 with his colleague Gamze Topuz.

Ümit Kantarcılar profile
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He portrayed the character of Ceyhun in the youth and comedy series "Pis Yedili", written and directed by Gani Müjde. At the same time, he hosted the game show "Kızlar ve Anneleri".

Tv Series and film with Ümit Kantarcılar are as follows;

Tv Series

2021 Kazara Aşk as Çivan

2019 Vuslat as Kerem Saltuk

2017 Kanatsız Kuşlar as Onur

2016 Rengarenk as Aras

2015 Şehrin Melekleri as Gürkan

2013 Pis Yedili as Ceyhun

2012 Babalar ve Evlatlar

2011 Yerden Yüksek

2011 Küçük Sırlar

2010 Çakıl Taşları

2006 İki Aile


2019 Bizim Semtin Çocukları as Fettah

2018 Savaş as Yiğit

2014 Kızlar ve Anneleri

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