Aşk Oluversin Gari (Oluversin Gari) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Movie

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What the synopsis of Aşk Oluversin Gari? Who are in the cast? What channel be aired? When will be released?

Those who are curious about the movie Oluversin Gari, in which Birand Tunca, Aslıhan Malbora and Tuğba Melis Türk are in the cast. The movie Oluversin Gari, shot in Muğla Milas, will be watched with pleasure in the summer months. The movie series Oluversin Gari continues its preparations to meet the audience on Fox TV screens very soon.

The story of archaeologists Güney and Derya is told in the movie Oluversin Gari, which appeared on television for the first time. When Güney, the leading character of the movie, learns that a hotel will be built in a historical area, the adventure of setting off begins and then he meets Derya. 

We have written for you detailed information about the project named Oluversin Gari, which received admirable comments from the audience. Here is information about the subject of the movie Oluversin Gari, broadcast on Fox TV screens, its actors and the place where it was shot…

oluversin gari synopsis
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The director of the movie Oluversin Gari, which met with the audience on Fox TV screens, was undertaken by Hasan Doğan. While the script of the movie was written by Murat Gürvardar, the leading roles of the successful movie were Aslıhan Malbora, Birand Tunca and Tuğba Melis Türk.

Synopsis of  Aşk Oluversin Gari 

Güney (Birand Tunca), an archaeologist, sets out for Sahilköy when he learns that his father Salih (Suat Sungur) will build a hotel in a historical area. Güney, who starts to investigate to stop the hotel construction, meets Derya (Aslıhan Malbora), an activist in the village who is also against hotel construction. 

Things get complicated for Salih, who is ready for all kinds of deception from bribery to corruption to buy the hotel land and start digging, when he learns that his son is going to Sahilköy. Güney, who tracks down an ancient city that he suspects exists in the village, suddenly finds himself in love, but is caught between his ex-girlfriend Seda (Tuğba Melis Türk) and the villagers who seek treasure in the village and the villagers who want a hotel to be built...

Cast of Aşk Oluversin Gari

Hasan Doğan is the director of the movie Oluversin Gari, which was broadcast on FOX screens. The screenplay is written by Murat Gürvardar. Birand Tunca, Aslıhan Malbora and Tuğba Melis Türk play the lead roles in the movie. The shooting of Oluversin Gari, a movie that will be loved and watched in the summer months, was shot in Muğla Milas.

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