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Character Cast of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love): Turkish Drama

How the character cast of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love)! Who are the actors actresses? What is the plot story of the series?

Askin Tarifi, one of the productions that started the summer season assertively, is in front of the audience with its new episode tonight. Kanal D's new series Aşkın Tarifi came to the screen last week with its first episode and won the appreciation of the TV series fans. Who are the players of the new series Aşkın Tarifi? What is series about? Here's what you're wondering about...

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Plot Story

Fırat, a self-made kebab master, wants to teach a lesson to the famous life coach Doctor of Love, who is playing with his destiny. Fırat's furious journey drags him to a French restaurant. Fırat, who was a good chef in French cuisine in the past, regains the cuisine he is passionate about; He meets true love thanks to the beautiful Naz Soyluer, the owner of the restaurant. Fırat, a food wizard who blends eastern and western cuisines, will realize that there is not only one Love Recipe in his recipe book, which will surprise everyone. Going on an indescribable love journey, will Fırat be able to teach Doctor of Love a "love lesson"? Or will it hunt on its way to the hunt? Will Fırat be able to find the Recipe for Love, or is there a Recipe for Love?

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Character Cast of Aşkın Tarifi 

Alper Saldıran as Taylan Günebakan

Also known as Doctor of Love. He is a narcissist, ambitious man, who sees everything as permissible to get what he wants, and has the ability to manipulate everyone around him. Taylan is one of the most famous life coaches in the country. As he earned money, he became greedy and always wanted more. As he grew up without love and care, the circumstances of life led him to become such a person today. Taylan, who tries to give advice to everyone about love, is actually only in love with himself.

Yasemin Baştan as Sultan Yılmaz

She is Firat's aunt. It is from Antep. She is a resourceful woman who gives confidence to her surroundings, has a motherly spirit, takes care of everyone and everything Sultan Yılmaz. When appropriate, mother, when appropriate the boss, when appropriate, a friend. It is traditional and skilful. She has a natural talent for cooking. She is one of those people who say "Your hand has taste". In the neighborhood where they live in Istanbul, there is a kebab shop called "Anteplinin Yeri". 

She is a typical, devoted and warlike Anatolian woman. She shines quickly and fades quickly, she. Whatever you set your mind to, she definitely does. Sometimes with a sweet language and sometimes with a shout… There are two people that Sultan cannot give up in life. One is his daughter Sevi and the other is his niece Fırat. If Firat wanted his life, the Sultan would give it without hesitation.

Cem Davra as Hazim Soyluer

He is Naz's father. He comes from a highly respected and well-behaved family who has been living in Istanbul for three generations. Hazım is currently managing all the affairs of the family. Hazım became a very good father to his daughter, whom he had to raise without a mother; He grew it by wrapping it in cotton. Hazım's most precious asset in this life; is her daughter. She does everything she can so that she doesn't get upset. He is a mature, impulsive, polite, prudent man. She always respects her daughter's decisions. He is both a good mentor and a loving father.

Kadir Doğulu as Fırat Karasu

He is a sincere and reckless young man. He is originally from Antep. He is honest and a man of his word, who breaks what he holds like a true oriental. The only fault of Firat is the blood of the madman. When he is angry, his eyes do not see the world. He makes his decisions abruptly, without thinking. When things go wrong, he never runs away. He fights to the end and does whatever comes his way. He is a very altruistic person who always puts his loved ones before himself. 

His biggest passion is food. He learned how to cook kebab at a very young age by apprenticing to his father in Antep. As he grew up, he began to take an interest in other cuisines as well. In Istanbul, where he came to study, he was particularly interested in French cuisine, received training on this subject and had the opportunity to work with important chefs. Read Also All Episode of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love)

Atakan Yılmaz

Elif Melda Yılmaz

Ümmü Putgül

İdil Sivritepe

Mehmet Şeker

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