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Defne Samyeli Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Here is Defne Samyeli biography! How old is Defne Samyeli, where is she from? How about her Career and private life?

A curious search began about Defne Samyeli. Who is Defne Samyeli, who is the real name of Asena in the Sol Yanım (My Left Side) series, how old is she? Where is Defne Samyeli, one of the names that will mark the IBO Show last week? We have compiled in our news what is known about the life of Defne Samyeli, who will lock her fans on the screen.

The biography of Defne Samyeli, who was among the guests of the IBO Show on Saturday, April 3, 2021, is being investigated with interest. Who is Defne Samyeli, who has marked the years with her successful career, how old is she? Where is Defne Samyeli from, how tall is she? We have added to our news what is known about the life of Defne Samyeli, who comes to the fore from time to time with her daughters. Here is Defne Samyeli's biography and profile .....


Defne Samyeli, born on March 17, 1972 in Istanbul, is a news presenter, columnist, program host, singer and actress. She was born as the first child of her father, Haluk, an admiral from Istanbul, and her mother Sendegül, who came from Adana's Ramazanoğulları family, who studied hotel management. A year later, her brother Suhan was born. She came third in the beauty contest she participated in 1991.

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Samyeli, who later started journalism and graduated from Boğaziçi University, served as a news presenter in the Kanal D Main News bulletin under the direction of Tuncay Özkan. Samyeli was deemed worthy of 2 international awards for his different news presentation style in the Kanal D Main News bulletin. Samyeli worked as a columnist for Milliyet Newspaper, then as an editor and presenter for Show TV Main News and as a columnist for Güneş Newspaper. Since May 2010, she presented the program "Defne Her şey Bambaşka", which was broadcast on ATV for a while. Defne Samyeli, who is a columnist by making interviews in Milliyet Newspaper, parted ways with the newspaper on January 03, 2015. Samyeli also has an album called "Tek Başına" dated July 4, 1994.

Samyeli, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer in 2000, had an operation in New York and returned to Turkey after convalescence.

TV Programs

1991-1994: Salı Pazarı [STAR TV]

1992-1993: İyi Günler Türkiye [STAR TV]

1994: Pazar Show [SHOW TV]

1994-1995: Show'da Show [SHOW TV]

1996: Şakalamaca [KANAL D]

1996-1999: Defne Samyeli ile Gecenin İçinden [KANAL D]

1998: Defne Samyeli ile Flaş Haber [KANAL D]

1999-2002: Kanal D Ana Haber Bülteni [KANAL D]

2002: Seçim 2002 [SHOW TV]

2002-2007: Show TV Ana Haber Bülteni [SHOW TV]

2004: Seçim 2004 [SHOW TV]

2006: Vizyon [SHOW TV]

2007: Seçim 2007 [SHOW TV]

2010: Her şey Bambaşka [ATV]

2011: 45 Dakika [A HABER]

2011: Söz Teması [A HABER]

Tv Series

2013: My Father Failed in Class (Çiğdem) [Fox TV]

2015-2016: Kurtlar Vadisi Pusu (Ayse/Zeynep) [Kanal D]

2018: İstanbullu Gelin [Star TV]

2020: Hekimoğlu [Kanal D]

2020-2021: Sol Yanım (Asena) [Star TV]

Albums and Songs

1994 - Tek Başına (Alone)

2015 - Son Arzum (My Son Desire) [single]

2019 - Ağla Ağla (Cry Cry) [single]

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