Episode 3 Baş Belası (Troublemaker): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of Baş Belası (Troublemaker) has been released! In the end episode; Şahin is not happy with the situation at all, especially partnering with Ipek. What happen in the episode on July 4th?

Baş Belası series was broadcast on ATV screens with its second last episode. In the end episode; Having to share a room with İpek with the decision of Murder Bureau chief Mehmet, Şahin is not happy with the situation at all. He does his best to get rid of İpek and remove her from his field. 

İpek, who is an advocate of positive communication, is persistently trying to communicate with Şahin. Although Şahin is determined to keep İpek, whom he thinks meddling in, out of the cases, Mehmet is forced to work with İpek in the case, on the orders of the supervisor. Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of Baş Belası (Troublemaker) .....

bas belasi episode 3
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What happen in the end episode?

Seeing a crime scene for the first time, İpek does not give up even though it is difficult. İpek's observations make a great contribution to combining the clues of interrogation techniques that psychology education takes advantage of. Although Şahin does not want to accept it, he receives serious help from İpek.

On the other hand, Şahin, who is still after Kadir, who is wanted as a fugitive, realizes that İpek is also on the trail. Meanwhile, the disappearance of his son gives İpek fearful moments. When İpek finds her son with Şahin's help, she will also find Kadir's trail.

Baş Belası Episode 3 Trailer

"If everything was solved by talking, there would be no one in prisons!"

Baş Belası Episode 3 Summary

Kadir's death causes an important break in İpek's life. Şahin gives Mehmet Amir the crime scene report, including İpek's meeting with Kadir. If this report is put into action, it will be impossible for İpek to work safely. Şahin, who did not want İpek from the beginning, wants to use this opportunity. Although Ipek is afraid of losing her job, she does not hold back from doing her duty. A corpse is found in a secret grave in the basement of a shantytown. A phone call from the police tells her that the body found belongs to her grandfather. Although the homicide team thinks that this man, who only communicated with İpek, is the murderer, İpek reveals a sad love story from the past with his investigations. However, this research will put İpek's life in danger. Realizing the situation, Şahin takes action to protect İpek.

Baş Belası started on the screen adventure on Sunday, July 4th, with the 3rd episode. Read Also All Episode of Baş Belası (Troublemaker)

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