Episode 5 Baş Belası (Troublemaker): Trailer And Summary

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The new 5th episode trailer of Baş Belası (Troublemaker) has been released! In the end episode; İpek gets into trouble as she tracks down Şahin's past secret. What happen in the episode on July 11st?

Watch 5th episode trailer of Baş Belası at July 18 on ATV screen. What will be the new last preview and promotion next week? Kadir's death caused an important break in İpek's life. Görkem, who lost her father, was very angry with the sadness he experienced. Ipek set to work without slowing down to pursue both Kadir's killers and the net, but Ipek was waiting for a surprise. Şahin gave the crime scene report, which included İpek's meeting with Kadir, to chief Mehmet. If this report was processed, it would be impossible for İpek to work safely.

Mehmet gave Şahin three days to reconsider what he had done. Şahin, who did not want to work with İpek from the beginning, told İpek about the situation and said that it was his last days at the murder table; He said it would be best for him and his family to stay away from the police in response to the 'network' threat. Meanwhile, a body was found in a hidden grave in a slum. İpek, who came to the police and responded, explained that the body belonged to her grandfather. Here is 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Baş Belası (Troublemaker) ....

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What happen in the episode?

Although Ipek was on the verge of losing her job, she did not hesitate to do her duty. Although those at the homicide desk thought the man on the phone was the murderer, İpek approached the case from a different angle. Despite all the conflicts, İpek, who is a good couple with Şahin, did not hesitate to risk his life with his research. Realizing this situation, Şahin took action to protect İpek.

Thinking that she will lose her job because of Şahin's report, İpek tries to change Şahin's decision. Şahin, who has already changed the report, does not tell İpek this truth and stipulates that he should not interfere in the case. İpek learns the truth while desperately avoiding the new case coming to the office. He immediately goes to the scene. The detail that caught İpek's attention in this new case opens the door to Şahin's past. When İpek follows the case, she learns Şahin's big secret from the past. 

Now Ipek knows the reason for Sahin's tough temper and his walls. However, because she wants to talk to Şahin about this issue, she gets a very harsh reaction that she did not expect. On the other hand, Nazli prepares a game for Birol in order to share the property she wants in the divorce case. As usual, İpek gets into trouble as she tracks down Şahin's past secret and an old case related to that secret.

Baş Belası Episode 5 Trailer

Impressed by İpek's words to the murder suspect, Şahin decided to abandon his decision regarding the report and tried to keep him away from the police.

Baş Belası Episode 5 Summary

Şahin's march on Yener was heard by everyone in the murder bureau. While the team is worried about their captain, Mehmet Amir finds a solution to avoid an investigation against Şahin. They force Şahin into therapy with İpek. Will Şahin accept this deal?

The corpse found after a fire at a horse farm activates the team. Şahin goes to the scene regardless of the decision to be made about him. İpek prepares a dance performance with Görkem for the show to be held at the school. However, due to an accident at the scene, İpek cannot participate in the dance.

Thinking that she is in love with Birol in disguise, Nazli gives up on the conditions she insisted on for divorce. Nazli's sudden change of decision surprises Birol. Nazli bursts into İpek in a sad moment. Will Ipek be able to get Nazli out of her depression?

Baş Belası started on the screen adventure on Sunday, July 18th, with the 5th episode. Read Also All Episode of Baş Belası (Troublemaker)

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