Episode 6 Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling): Trailer And Summary

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Show TV New series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) episode 6 trailer has been released! Who will leyla choose, Cem or Iskender? What happen in the episode on July 14th?

Where Gülten confessed to Leyla that Haldun, not Cem, complained about the supplier, the rapprochement between Cem and Leyla increases. While the moments when Iskender consoled Leyla, who burst into tears, it's draw attention; Leyla's choice between Cem and İskender is eagerly awaited.

Leyla, who is torn between İskender and Cem, is eagerly awaited for her choice in the new episode, which draws attention. "I am ready!" Leyla's choice, which increased the excitement by saying; Will she be on the side of Cem, whom she feels insecure and dangerous, or Iskender, whom she calls reliable?

The new 6th episode trailer of Turkish series Cam Tavanlar, which attracted great attention in a short time, has been released. We brought together the new trailer and summary of the series, starring Kubilay Aka and Bensu Soral...

cam tavanlar episode 6
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What happen in the end episode?

Cam Tavanlar will be on the screen with its exciting fifth episode on Wednesday evening. Music that invites love, flaming Leyla and Cem, a gala they have to hold together... The duo finally finds their way amidst all this hustle and bustle and faces their mistakes for the first time. They're both in the same place, on the side of love now... Well, Islender? Where is that love? While Leyla is on fire with Cem's love, İskender opens a new card. Let's see if this move will be enough to win Leyla.

The screenplay of 'Cam Tavanlar', produced by Ömer Özgüner, bears the signature of Meriç Acemi, while Fehmi Öztürk sits in the director's chair of the series. Along with Bensu Soral and Kubilay Aka, Hatice Aslan, Utku Ateş, Ahmet Melih Yılmaz, Beril Kayar, Ayten Soykök, Mehmet Bilge Aslan, Şifanur Gül, Alper Kut, Aziz Caner İnan, Gizem Erdem, İsmail Karagöz, Şehnaz Bölen Taftalı are in the cast of the series. Young and master names such as Ayhan Işık and Cevdet Arıcılar are together.

Cam Tavanlar Episode 6 Trailer

Cam Tavanlar Episode 6 Summary

It's time to meet! This episode opens a new curtain on love. Leyla finally confesses her love for Cem and makes an open offer. The duo is flying.

The whole team is at the revel community food festival… The taste of love is added to appetizing dishes. While Cem and Leyla's love rises; Şinasi, Aylin and Süreyya are living the adventure of their lives.

And of course, there's Suna... It enters our world like a bombshell. Let's see what the effect of the bomb he detonated will be?

Cam tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) Episode 5 released on Wednesday July 14th at 08 P.M on Show TV screens! Read Also All Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)

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