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Episode 7 Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love): Trailer And Summary

The trailer for Episode 7 of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) has been released! In the end episode; Taylan, who caught Mirza in his office, cornered Fırat. What happen in the episode on July 26th?

Aşkın Tarifi's 7th episode aired on Kanal D screens. Aşkın Tarifi series, starring Kadir Doğulu and Serra Arıtürk, comes to the screen on Monday evenings with its new episodes. Aşkın Tarifi 7th new episode trailer released? Here is the trailer and summary of the 7th episode of Aşkın Tarifi

In the end episode of Aşkın Tarifi series; Taylan, who caught Mirza in his office, cornered Fırat. Fırat has to choose between his friend and Naz. While the excitement of the pre-selection of the food competition in the restaurant has gripped everyone, the disappearance of Fırat creates a shock effect.

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What happen in the end episode?

Naz is already reacting to Fırat, who went to him the night before without any explanation. Moreover, this disappearance makes him very angry. Finally, when Fırat confronts Naz, storms break out between the two.

While Fırat is trying to explain himself to Naz; The unexpected person who suddenly appears in front of him completely upsets Fırat. While the ropes are tense between Naz and Fırat, Naz starts to think wrong about Fırat's family.

Therefore, it breaks Firat a lot. After regretting, Naz takes a step to end all the tension between him and Fırat. However, this time, a big test awaits him in the house of Firat. Naz's trust in Fırat is destroyed. Will Fırat be able to change Naz's thoughts? Or will Naz figure out the whole plan?

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 7 Trailer 

Aşkın Tarifi Episode 7 Summary

What is the surprise waiting for Fırat? The fact that Naz sees the file on Fırat's computer increases the tension between the two. The insecurity that Naz feels about Fırat grows even more. While Fırat thinks he is on an irreversible road, he finds a new way to gain Naz's trust, thanks to a surprise person who comes to his aid.

Thus, he will be able to defeat Taylan. Taylan also does not stand idly by against Fırat. He, too, takes Feza to his side and, unaware of Firat, starts an attack against him. Taylan's plan using Feza will cause the ropes between the two sides to stretch even more. Moreover, Taylan's other plan to renew his career causes him to cross paths with Fırat. A last-minute development in Fırat's plan softens the relationship between Naz and Fırat a little. However, any information that Naz will learn about Fırat will cause Naz to question her feelings for Fırat again. Will Naz be able to trust Fırat despite everything? What is the surprise waiting for Fırat?

Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love) Episode 7 released on Monday, July 26, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Aşkın Tarifi (Recipe of Love)

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