Episode 7 Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling): Trailer And Summary

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Show TV New series Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) episode 7 trailer has been released!  What happen in the episode on July 28st?

Cam Tavanlar new episode trailer has been released. In the published trailer; Considering the mistakes that both Cem and Leyla made, they began to think that they were unfair to each other. Iskender, who could not explain his feelings, wanted to take Leyla out to dinner. On the other hand, while Cem said that he wanted to talk to Leyla, Leyla, who was between two lovers, was shocked. Meanwhile, Suna, who was watching them from afar, was a big surprise, unaware of everyone. 

In the end episode; Leyla, who asked Cem not to tell anyone about what happened, said that the gala was important to her and returned to Lujuria. Leyla, who learned that Aylin had left the restaurant in a hurry, found her after a while and persuaded her to return. Seeing that the tension between İskender and Aylin, who were preparing for the gala, did not pass, Cem and Leyla motivated them and started to cook. The duo who tasted the food received a passing grade from the whole team. 

cam tavanlar episode 7
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Leyla, who panicked shortly before the start of the gala, came from Süreyya. Gathering all eyes on her at the gala, Leyla unexpectedly found Cem in front of her. Taking the first step, Cem offered Leyla an apple and made her dance. For a while, the dancing duo fascinated with their harmony, but Leyla escaped from Cem on the pretext of checking inside. Iskender, who took action to take Leyla to the dance, saw the duo at that time, but also made him feel that he was determined not to give up on Leyla. While Cem and Leyla were talking about the successful gala night, Haldun and Ziya arrived. 

Leyla was shattered when she heard from Haldun that Cem had offered her a gala because she wanted to help her financially. Although Cem wanted to explain himself, Leyla did not listen to him and left with anger. It was Iskender who consoled Leyla, who burst into tears. Leyla, whose anger did not subside, learned from Gülten that Haldun, not Cem, had complained about the supplier. Here is the 7th episode trailer and episode summary of Cam Tavanlar...

What happen in the end episode?

This episode opens a new curtain on love. It's time to meet! Leyla finally confesses her love for Cem and makes an open offer. The duo is flying. The whole team is at the revel community food festival… The taste of love is added to appetizing dishes. 

While Cem and Leyla's love rises; Şinasi, Aylin and Süreyya are living the adventure of their lives. And of course, there's Suna... It enters our world like a bombshell. Let's see what the effect of the bomb he detonated will be?

Cam Tavanlar Episode 7 Trailer

The romantic moments they experienced in the first promotion, where the attraction between Cem and Leyla gradually increased, draws attention. While Cem's resentment continues, Şinasi and Süreyya's comments about the duo make the audience smile. Excitement peaks when Leyla and Cem get closer. What will happen to Şinasi and Süreyya, who got lost in the forest, is eagerly awaited.

Cam Tavanlar Episode 7 Summary

There is a lot of love in this episode!. Misunderstanding from the past is being resolved; Cem and Leyla begin to live their love to the fullest. The two lovers rise above the clouds despite the years they have missed; Every moment is filled with love.

Well, does Suna stay idle? He is rolling up his sleeves to win Cem back. On the other hand, Haldun is playing a dangerous game. But Cem and Leyla's love is strong as steel... Let's see if the power of love will be enough to overcome everything.

Cam tavanlar (Glass Ceiling) Episode 7 released on Wednesday July 28st at 08 P.M on Show TV screens! Read Also All Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)

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