Girift (The Intricate) Released Date has been Announced

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When will Girift (The Intricate) be released? Which tv channel will broadcast this series? Who are the players?

Kanal D Digital special series "Girift" is starting! Girift, the internet special series of Kanal D Digital, which will be broadcast free of charge on, Kanal D applications and Youtube channel, starts broadcasting with its first two episodes on Friday, April 30 at 18:30.

Özlem Bölükbaşı, İlker Şahinbaş, Metisha Schaefer, Şule Akan, Ömer Konakçı and Burhan Çelik are in the cast of the series, starring Ümit Acar, Wilma Elles, Ayberk Yılmaz, Selahattin Taşdöğen, Mazhar Selçuk Alaca and Cahit Kaşıkçılar. Written by Emine Karataş and Özlem Bölükbaşı, directed and produced by Haydar Işık, Girift starts broadcasting on Friday, April 30 at 18.30 with its first two episodes.

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The summary of the first 2 chapters of Girift is as follows:

Vural, who came to support the police department trying to solve the mystery of two murders committed in the same way in a week, starts to work in the shadow of his old memories in Malatya. In front of the team, there is a serial killer who leaves a message and leaves no trace of himself. Vural Chief Inspector tries to get to know the murderer in front of them while telling the plot in all details.

On the other hand, a great drama ensues for the couple, who are both married and have a secret relationship. Aysun and Fırat are unaware of what will happen to them after their fight over the phone. After the tragedy, the team focuses on Fırat's wife, Nur. While they are on the trail, another finely crafted tragedy is coming.

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Who are The Players of Girift?

ÜMİT ACAR as Captain Vural 

WILMA ELLES as Commissioner Asya, who is under the Ministry of Interior!

AYBERK YILMAZ as Araf. She is Hotel receptionist

ÖZLEM BÖLÜKBAŞI as Yelda. She is Murder Bureau Squad Police

MAZHAR SELÇUK ALACA as Cantürk. He is Homicide Commissioner

METISHA SCHAEFER as Nur. She is an actress, who lives abroad.

BURHAN CELIK as Melih. He is Homicide Commissioner

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