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Who is Gökhan Alkan, Ferit character of Kalp Yarası (Heart Wound)? How old is Gokhan Alkan and where is he from? Here is the curious about the famous actor!

Gökhan Alkan's age and life, who gave life to the role of Ferit in Kalp Yarası series, became the subject of research. The 33-year-old actress appeared in many productions. The famous actor who played the leading role in the production, which is about a striking love story in Antakya, Who is Ferit character? How old is Gökhan Alkan?, where is he from?

Gökhan Alkan, who gave life to the role of Ferit in Kalp Yarası series, which is preparing to make a bomb-like entrance on ATV screens, is curious about the details of his life. The name that gives life to the character named Ferit Sancakzede in the series is the CEO of Sancakzade Holding, and he works as a lawyer to help local people outside the holding.  Here are Gökhan Alkan's age, life and all the details…

Gokhan Alkan biography
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Who is Gökhan Alkan?

Gökhan Alkan was born on December 8, 1987 in Istanbul. He graduated from Kocaeli University Automotive Engineering. He received his acting training at MSM Actor Studio.

After graduating, He played in Müjdat Gezen Theater for 2 seasons and then founded his own theater with a group of friends. He won the APAN (Asia Pacific Actors Network) Star Awards Special Award held in South Korea in 2016. Together with Öykü Karayel, with whom he shared the lead role in the TV series "Kalp Atisi (Heartbeat)", they won the Golden Butterfly Best Series Couple Award in 2017.

Gökhan Alkan's Series And Movie

Tv Serie

2012 Muhteşem Yüzyıl play as Şah Tahmasp 

2013 Herşey Yolunda Merkez play as Cem Karabey

2013 Gurbette Aşk play as Osman 

2014 Kocamın Ailesi play as Tarık

2016 Seviyor Sevmiyor play as Yiğit Balcı

2017 Kalp Atışı play as Ali Asaf

2019 Zengin ve Yoksul play as Karan

2020 Yasak Elma play as Kerim

2021 Kalp Yarası play as Ferit


2015 Defne'nin Bir Mevsimi play as Ferhat

2015 Organik Aşk Hikâyeleri play as Hasan

2015 Makas play as Fatih

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