Özge Yağız Will Starring In The New Turkish Series İçimizden Biri

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Özge Yağız's new co-star in İçimizden Biri (One of Us), came from Sol Yanım (My Left Side)!

Young actress Özge Yağız immersed herself in a brand new world after shining with the character of Reyhan in the TV series Yemin (The Promise). She took part in the daily series for 2 seasons and after she became popular, she made the decision of her life to take part in ambitious serials on mainstream television channels.

In 2016, after the character of Zeliha in the TV series Adını Sen Koy, the character of Reyhan in the TV series Yemin helped the actress demonstrate her success. Özge Yağız set out with bigger goals in her new journey after the daily serials one after the other.

Özge Yağız, who received great support from her fans after she decided to leave the Yemin series in 2020, came to the fore as one of the most talked about names in social media in recent years. Returning to the screens with the Star TV series called Sol Yanım, the actress gave life to the character of Serra. Youth TV series Sol Yanım, broadcast on Star TV, may not have achieved the desired success, but Özge Yağız's proving her talent, showing her difference with her diction and displaying her beauty were the developments that paved the way for her career.

ozge yagiz icimizen birri
Image Via www.startv.com.tr

In the new season, fans are happy with the new series development. Özge Yağız, who agreed with the production of One of Us, took another step in her career. The name that will give life to Yağız's mother has also appeared in the TV series, One of Us, which will be broadcast on Show TV.

Benian Dönmez, who was together with Özge Yağız in the TV series Sol Yanim, played the character of Binnaz. The two actress will meet again this time in the TV series called İçimizden Biri (One of Us). Dönmez, whom we will watch in the character of Adile in the series, will take her place in the story as the mother of the character played by Özge Yağız.

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