Son Yaz (The Last Summer) Season 2 Release Date: Turkish Drama

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Son Yaz (The Last Summer) Season finale made! Will the Series be Season 2? Fox TV has announced!

The news that Funda Eryiğit, who gave life to the character of Canan in the TV series Son Yaz, which was watched fondly on Fox TV screens, was leaving. Another sad news came from the beloved series. Son Yaz series, which O3 Medya will shoot for FOX, is taking a season break. The popular series of FOX screens is making the season finale. After that, the followers of the series began to investigate why the season finale was made. Why is Son Yaz making the season finale? When will new 2nd season start? Here are the details…

It was on the agenda that Funda Eryiğit would leave the series, which was watched with interest. Another separation news came from Son Yaz. It is said that Ali Atay, the prosecutor of the series, will also bid farewell to the series. The series, in which Acun Ilıcalı would remake from 'Leyla ile Mecnun', the legendary series for the Exxen platform, fell like a bomb on the agenda.

Son Yaz series starring Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Funda Eryiğit is followed with interest by the audience. The series decided to make the season finale in the 21st episode. The audience asked, “Why is Son Yaz making the season finale?” , “When will Son Yaz second season start?” Fans began to search for answers to their questions.

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In this case, it became stronger that Ali Altay, who is the indispensable actor of 'Leyla ile Mecnun', would leave Son Yaz (The Last Summer) series.

Why did Son Yaz series make the finale?

With the arrival of the summer months, the series began to take a short break from broadcasting or to make a final. It was announced that Son Yaz series broadcast on FOX screens will also make the season finale. The series in question will bid farewell to the screens for a short time with its 21st episode, which will be broadcast on Friday, June 4, 2021.

Farewell to Son Yaz Season Finale

Son Yaz series, which continues to be broadcast on FOX TV and shared by Alperen Duymaz, Ali Atay, Funda Eryiğit and Hafsanur Sancaktutan, has a good place in the rating list. There is currently no final decision to be determined or determined about the Son Yaz series, one of the popular TV series of Fox TV. With a very high probability, Son Yaz series will not make a finale.

It has been announced that Olgun Toker (Akgün's older brother / Soner) will bid farewell to the Son Yaz series, produced by O3 Medya and directed by Semih Bağcı.

When will Son Yaz Season 2 start?

The followers of the series are wondering when the new season will start. It is predicted that the Son Yaz series, which has locked the audience on the screen since the day it was broadcast, will continue its new broadcast period with the 22nd episode in September.

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