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Who is Tolga Mendi? Where is he from? How old is he? What the series he play? Here is Tolga Mendi's life and biography! ..


Tolga Mendi, who did not fall on the agenda of the magazine with his social media shares and explanations, became the subject of curiosity of the citizens. Here are the ones who are curious about Tolga Mendi. Tolga Mendi's life and biography. Who is Tolga Mendi?

Tolga Mendi continues to be the name sought by many people who follow the magazine's agenda closely. Tolga Mendi, who appeared before the audience in the series Acı Aşk (Bitter of Love), Rüzgarın Kalbi (Heart of the Wind), Yeni Gelin (New Bride), and Sol Yanım (My Left Side) is also on the agenda with his private life. So, who is Tolga Mendi, where is he from, how old is he? Here are the TV series and movies starring Tolga Mendi.

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Who is Tolga Mendi?

Date of birth: 23 March 1993

How old: 27 years old

Where is he from: İzmir 

Height: 1.86 m 

He was born on March 23, 1993 in İzmir, Turkey. 

After graduating from the German Anatolian High School, İsmail Safa Özler started to study at Çukurova University Civil Engineering. Having studied acting for 2 terms, Tolga Mendi took part in the series Acı Aşk on Show TV and the Heart of the Wind on Fox TV. Her recognition, on the other hand, appeared in front of the audience with the character of Hazar in the TV series Yeni Gelin, which started broadcasting on Show TV.

TV Series and Movies

2015 Acı Aşk (Bitter of Love) [Play as Haydar]

2016 Rüzgarın Kalbi (Heart of the Wind) [Play as Cenk]

2017 New Bride [Play as Hazar]

2020 Sol Yanım (My Left Side) [Play as Selim]

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