Afili Aşk (Love Trap) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Who are the actors-actresses of Afili Aşk (Love Trap)? What is the story? Where is the filming location?

Afili Aşk (Love Trap), starring important names such as Çağlar Ertuğrul, Burcu Özberk and Altan Erkekli, says hello to the screens today. So what is the subject of Afili Ask? Here are the actors of the Afili Ask series...

The new romantic comedy series of the summer season, Afili Ask, is starring Burcu Özberk and Çağlar Ertuğrul, produced by ARC Film, produced by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, and directed by Serdar Gözelekli. So who are the actors of Afili Ask? Here are the topics of the Afili Ask series…

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Synopsis of Afili Aşk (Love Trap)

Kerem is the handsome and flirtatious son of the Yiğiter family, one of the oldest textile manufacturers in Istanbul. With his creative intelligence, he has made the family company, which is about to succumb to time, the leader of the sector with a start-up work. He did, but his father did not become a man in Muhsin's eyes. Because Kerem is someone who lives his life with the motto of eating, drinking, traveling, dusting and getting honey from every flower.

Working as a worker in Kerem's workshop, Ayşe is a smart, beautiful girl with a benevolent heart who lives a colorless and unpleasant life under the control of her two older brothers, one of whom is a despot and the other a benevolent one. Her only hope is to marry Berk, whom she has been in love with for a while, and leave this life behind. However, when her brothers want to marry her to Sabri, the rich boy of the neighborhood, Ayşe tells Berk that they need to get married as soon as possible. Hearing this, Berk disappears.

While she was a modest, pure and good-hearted neighborhood girl, Ayşe, who was hit by blows from both her family and her love life, decides to do something for herself for the first time in her life. Kerem, who is the biggest factor in making this decision, is also unaware that he will be the victim of Ayşe. Ayşe becomes the founder of the game by making the move that will bind Kerem and herself together for life, but this game will get in their feet in a way that they cannot get out of.

Cast of Afili Aşk (Love Trap)

Çağlar Ertuğrul as Kerem

Burcu Özberk as Ayşe

Altan Erkekli as Muhsin

Benian Dönmez as Melahat

Neşe Baykent as Yelda

Taner Rumeli as Rıza

Serkay Tütüncü as Volkan

Asena Tuğal as Hülya

Uğur Uzunel as Erkut

Zeynep Tuğçe Bayat as Ceyda

Yılmaz Kunt as Berk

Ozan Dağgez as Samet

Güzide Arslan as Gonca

Beril Pozam as Nazmiye

Umutcan Ütebay as Sabri

Vural Ceylan as Kadir

Banu İnan as Nermin

Hira Su Yıldız as Buse

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