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Episode 8 Ada Masalı (Island of Tale): Trailer And Summary

The new 8th episiode trailer of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) has been released! In the end episode; Haziran is going to go crazy!  What will happen in the episode on August 10th?

Star Tv adds a new one to its ambitious series. The series named "Ada Masalı"; It is talked about a lot with its subject and actors. The new episode of the series, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, will be broadcast on every Tuesday night.


A brand new romantic summer series by Ay Yapım that will warm your heart, Ada Masalı cheers up the screens in summer. The subject and the cast have been curious since the first introduction of the series was published. Finally, this curious wait is over. Ali Bilgin is the director of the series, and Yeşim Çıtak and Yelda Eroğlu undertake the script.

The 8th episode of "Ada Masalı" by Ay Yapım, one of the popular TV series of the summer period, with its romantic story and fascinating effect of the island atmosphere, won the audience's appreciation. After the awakening of Aliye, Poyraz's grandmother, the winds of love blew on the island, where all the balances would change.

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In the end episode; The moments when Poyraz told the truth about his mother to Haziran deeply affected the audience. Aliye's words "I don't want you in this house" to Haziran, during the speech of Haziran and Aliye, mark the preview scene of the new episode, which was broadcast after the exciting episode where the secrets started to be revealed. Here is 8th episode trailer and episode summary of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) .....

What happen in the end episode?

After their kiss, Poyraz is sure of Haziran's feelings, but Haziran refuses to talk about it. Thereupon, the young man says, "Be ready to see another Poyraz from now on." While Haziran is waiting to see Poyraz, who speaks less, the old grumpy, the opposite scene comes across. A young female customer who comes to the hotel shows interest in Poyraz. Haziran is going to go crazy! While she is madly jealous of Poyraz, she is crushed under the burden of her secret. Meanwhile, Alper is determined to tell Poyraz what he heard from Biricik, but Biricik does her best to prevent Alper.

The main reason for Selma and Zeynep's resentment explodes with a big sister fight and the whole island is shaken. But the bomb that will shake the people of the island is the realization that Hakan is behind the scenes of the company trying to buy the lands of Poyraz. When Poyraz learns of the betrayal of the person he thinks is his best friend, he cannot control his anger. Haziran decides to risk everything and confess the whole truth to the man she loves, but everything turns upside down when Idil makes a mess.

Ada Masalı Episode 8 Trailer

Ada Masalı Episode 8 Summary

Poyraz is full of anger towards Haziran, who has lied to him all this time. Haziran, on the other hand, thinks of nothing but making up for the evil she has done. Haziran will not leave the hotel and Poyraz has to work with her whether she wants it or not… 

However, Poyraz is determined to intimidate Haziran. Poyraz is not the only one who does not want Haziran. Realizing that Poyraz's anger also lies under the pain of love, Aliye panics and takes action against Haziran. Zeynep, who is aware of what is going on, will not let anyone crush her daughter. Zeynep also has a plan against Aliye's moves. 

On the other hand, İdil is determined to find out who the woman her father wants to marry is, and this determination will cause great crises. Hakan, who has not left the island yet, becomes even more ambitious and recklessly does everything he can to pierce the wounds of both Poyraz and Haziran.

Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) Episode 8 released on Tuesday, August 10th, 2021 at 08 P.M.!. Read Also All Episode of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale)

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