Final 8th Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling): Turkish Drama

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Watch final 8th Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)! What happen to Cem and Leyla in the end episode? Why the series make a final?

Although the series, which brought Kubilay Aka and Bensu Soral together in the lead roles, had an interesting story, the low interest of the fans brought the series to an end. Cam Tavanlar will make the final with its 8th episode. Only 2 episodes left. As a result of the 6 episodes broadcast so far, the final decision had to be taken when there was no hope of improving the ratings.


The 1st episode of Cam Tavanlar series, full of rivalry, revenge, love, and determination, was broadcast on June 9, 2021. Promotional trailers for the new 8th episode of Cam Tavanlar series have been released. Viewers watching the trailers are eagerly waiting for the new episode of the series to start as soon as possible. The cast and subject of Cam Tavanlar series are very curious.

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What happen in the last 2nd episode?

Leyla and Cem reunited after many years and began to live their love to the fullest in the episode of Show TV's Ojo Pictures series 'Cam Tavanlar', which was aired last night. It didn't take long for Leyla, who fell under the spell of love, to face real-life problems. Haldun set a treacherous trap for Leyla to end Lujuria. Haldun, who played a game by sending a fake customer to Lujuria, caused Leyla to run out of money and not be able to pay her debts. He also took Leyla's debt rights from the loan shark. Leyla was shocked when she learned from the moneylender that she was now in debt to Haldun. When she returned to the restaurant, she saw that the Asude sign was hung instead of the Lujuria sign. Leyla broke the windows of the restaurant with great anger and raised the rebel flags.

Suna, who went to Leyla's house, revealed a great truth while telling her past with Cem. Leyla learned that Cem actually left because he got the news of his best friend's death in the past, and that he and Suna were separated during the romantic evening they spent together. Realizing that she was unfair to Cem, Leyla took steps to live their love to the fullest without wasting time. While the big reunion, which the audience had been waiting for a long time, took place, the loving moments when Cem kissed Leyla left their mark on the episode.

Suna, who was suddenly involved in their lives, took action to disrupt the love between Cem and Leyla. Suna, who constantly confronted Leyla and gave false information about her relationship with Cem, tried to make Leyla unhappy with what she said. Despite everything Suna said, Leyla preferred to trust Cem. On the other hand, Suna, who followed a ruthless path by using Cem's close friend Oktay, did not hesitate to try to get closer to Cem.

Cem's romantic surprise for Leyla won the audience's appreciation. Cem, who took Leyla to one of the hills of Istanbul, held an evening picnic here in front of the unique view. Leyla was enchanted by Cem's romantic attitude. The two lovers made up for the years they missed.

After the new episode of Cam Ceilings, which came to the screen last night, the introduction of the eighth episode was released. The words that Cem said about Leyla in the publicity where he made a press statement on behalf of Asude are surprising. While Leyla is experiencing a great disappointment, this causes a big problem between the two. The moments when the Lujuria team sings attract attention.

Love, betrayal, revenge... There is a battle of emotions in this episode! Leyla finally raises her voice; If we are together, we are not alone! The sides are chosen, the war begins. So where is Cem? Haldun and Suna join forces to play their last trump card. Will Cem, who is cornered, be able to make Leyla forgive himself? Changing balances, new beginnings… Let's see if the winner of this war will be love again.

Cam Tavanlar Final Trailer

Cam Tavanlar Story

In the promotion of the series, which takes its name from the universal name given to women's inequality of opportunity in social life, the signals of a young woman who rises in business life with her own efforts and her rival, where many doors open easily just because they are a man, are given the signals of a sweet, hard race.

Cam Tavanlar Players

Bensu Soral, Kubilay Aka, Hatice Aslan, Ahmet Melih Yılmaz, Beril Kayar, Ayten Soykök, Mehmet Bilge Aslan, Şifanur Gül, Alper Kut, Aziz Caner İnan, Gizem Erdem, İsmail Karagöz, Şehnaz Bolen Taftalı and Cevdet Beekeepers. Read Also All Episode of Cam Tavanlar (Glass Ceiling)

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