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Who are the players and their character of Turkish series Güvercin (The Pigeon)? What the plot story? Where is the filming location?

Güvercin (The Pigeon) series starring Mehmet Ali Nuroğlu and Almila Ada will be on STAR TV screens. So who are the actors actresses of the series? What is the series tell about? Where is the pigeon being drawn?

Güvercin (The Pigeon) series is getting ready to come to the screen with its new episode tonight. We brought together those who were curious about the subject of the series, starring Mustafa Ali Nuroğlu and Almila Ada, as well as the cast and the place where it was filmed. So, what is the story of the series, which is curiously researched, who are the casts? Here are the answers to both these questions and the place where the series was filmed...

Güvercin (The Pigeon) series will be in front of the audience with its new episode tonight. The audience, who follows the series, which comes to the screen on Sunday evenings, researches the subject of the series and the cast, as well as where the series was filmed. Where is the series filmed?

Synopsis of Güvercin (The Pigeon)

As soon as the caravan passes, Zülüf (Almila Ada)waits for death in a blind well on the mountain peaks. She is seven floors underground like a gypsy girl. Zülüf is rescued from this well by a young man. When she finds out who Kenan is, who appears before him like a miracle, he experiences the shock of his life.

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Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroglu), who is waiting at the head of the well, sees Zülüf, who is famous for his beauty, under the red of the evening sun, as he comes out of the well. Kenan's knees are loosened, the earth and the sky are turned upside down.

The blood spilled because of the murder committed fifteen years ago will infect both families after that day. Until one day love comes and clears everything...

Güvercin Filming Location

Some parts of Güvercin (The Pigeon) series are shot in Urfa, and most of them are shot in Gaziantep.

Character Cast of Güvercin (The Pigeon)

Zülüf  (Almila Ada)

She is the daughter of Badr. She shared the responsibilities of the house with her mother when her father went to prison at a young age, so she is a beautiful, proud, self-confident young girl with dreams and ideals for the future. While patiently waiting for her beloved father to come out of prison, she took care of her brother Müslüm and acted as an older sister. While her father thinks that everything will be fine and things will be fine when her father is released from prison, she finds herself in an unexpected predicament as a result of the events caused by Müslüm. Whether she rebels or opposes her destiny, she will be dragged towards where life takes her.

Kenan (Mehmet Ali Nuroglu)

He is the elder son of Kevsa and the older brothers of Ökkeş and Nefise. Unlike men who are handsome, look and behave older than their age, in the geography where they live; He is a humanist who favors solving events by agreement, not by violence. As a very successful student, he went to high school in Istanbul and made big plans for his future, but after his father Ahmet's murder, he had to return to Antep, take over the business at a young age and become the head of the family. He established a large peanut processing plant and opened a boutique hotel in the city. He tries to do his best to protect and contain his vagrant brother Ökkeş. Therefore, he left the management of the marina to him and his uncle Celil. As a result of unexpected events, he will find himself in a situation that he thought would never happen to him in life, and from now on he will have to live with this reality.

Bedir (Menderes Samancılar)

The head of the family, the father of Zülüf and Müslüm, is the husband of Zeliha. He is a deep and heavy man who was imprisoned fifteen years ago, accused of murder and theft, and matured even more in prison conditions. After his release from prison, his father thinks that he will reactivate the kutnu workshop and lead a happy life with his wife and children, but everything turns upside down because of his son Müslüm. His sole purpose is to protect and protect his children and family.

Betul (Dilan Telkok)

He is Mustafa's nephew. He has been living with Mesude and Mustafa for many years. He studied Tourism and Hotel Management at the university, and now he is the business manager of Kenan's hotel.

Celil (Devrim Salt)

He is the brother of Kevsa, uncles of Kenan, Ökkeş and Nefise. He is a person who has not been able to exist in life, is incompetent, parasitic with the power and possibilities of others. When he thinks that he will gain power, money and opportunity, he does not see the evil he does. He is someone who does not feel the slightest remorse for his actions, but shows himself completely different on the outside, easily deceiving those around him by saying what they want to hear. He has a weakness for gambling and is fond of nightlife. He also accustomed Ökkeş to this life, he takes him around and tries to claim it. After Ahmet's murder, he took over the business for a while, but he messed things up, and he had to go out of business when Kenan took the helm when he was about to lose almost all of the family's wealth. He now runs the marina with his nephew Ökkeş, but actually lives off the family's money.

Emel (Toprak Sağlam)

She is Kasım's wife is the aunt of Zülüf and Müslüm. Thanks to her youth and beauty, she makes her husband play on her finger. She grew up in poverty and married her husband because it offered her a rich life. She is a reckless and selfish woman who constantly accumulates information about people in order to secure her future and does not hesitate to use them as leverage when necessary.

Kasım (Osman Albayrak)

He is the brother of Badr, uncles of Zülüf and Müslüm. He is a man who is greedy for money and likes to have power and power. He is engaged in the peanut trade business in the city. He is obsessively fond of his wife Emel. However, for Emel, who says that she will marry him if she is rich, she has taken on some business in the past by risking everything. He is a person who always wants to plan the course of events in advance and cannot tolerate the development of things beyond his control. The events caused by Müslüm will complicate Kasım's life and control plans.

Kevsa (Nursel Köse)

She is the mother of Kenan, Ökkeş and Nefise. Fifteen years ago, her husband Ahmed Gibran was murdered. She is a lady who has mourned the death of her husband for years, has developed a tough and strict identity to keep her children and family together, is a lady who is influential in the region with her demeanor and looks. While he does not get along very well with his eldest son Kenan, he has a sickly fondness for his other son Ökkeş. While he thinks he is always in control, he will be tested by things he never expected in life.

Müslüm (Berke Üstündiken)

He is the son of Badr and the brother of Zülüf. He is a handsome young man who plays for an amateur football team and is a bit volatile. Müslüm's heart does not listen to the edict and falls in love with a girl who will never be. By not giving up on this love, he takes a big step with the excitement of youth. This step becomes the beginning of events that will change everything, everyone's destiny and future.

Nefise (Eslem Akar)

Kevsa's daughter Kenan and Ökkeş's sisters. She is a beautiful young girl who was raised like a princess without putting her hand in hot water in the mansion, who loves to dress up and decorate. She has always received love and understanding from her older brother Kenan, but she was disturbed by the harsh and self-limiting attitudes of her other older brother Ökkeş. Nefise's dreams of adolescence and her refusal to give up on her love are the first move that initiates inextricable events.

Nimet (Gözde Fidan)

She is a pavilion woman. She ran away from home hoping to become famous at a young age, but things did not go as she expected, she found herself working as a hostess in a pavilion. But Nimet has dreams of wealth and advancement, and she is someone who will do anything by using her femininity to make them come true.

Ökkeş (Genco Özak)

He is the son of Kevsa and the brothers of Kenan and Nefise. He grew up with feelings of anger and revenge when his father was murdered. Every mistake he made was tolerated and covered up by his mother Kevsa and his uncle Celil. He is the exact opposite of Kenan, who never solves problems within civilized rules, favors violence and bullying. He always sees himself as inferior and inferior to his older brother Kenan, and wants to gain the power and power he could not have. He appears to be standing at the marina where his brother left him to run, but in fact he continues his vagabond life.

Zeliha (Gülen Kahraman Yıldır)

She is the wife of Badr and the mother of Zülüf and Müslüm. She is a resigned woman who carries all the traces of her experiences on her face. She sent her husband to prison fifteen years ago, took care of her house and children in his absence, and waited patiently for her husband.

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This show is very interesting. Although it is sometimes difficult to reconcile the honor of one family with the blatant dishonor of another. Kenan is caught between both families and tries to bring the truth of what happened