Her Yerde Sen (You Are Everywhere) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Who are the playerrs of the TV series Her Yerde Sen (You Are Everywhere)? What the plot story? When the 1st episode released? Where the series be filmed?

Karga7 Pictures' production Her Yerde Sen started broadcasting last year. Her Yerde Sen, which draws attention with its subject and cast, will come to the screen with its new episode. So, who are the actors actresses of Her Yerde Sen, what is the synopsis?

Her Yerde Sen series, which will come to the screens with its new episode last night, is curious about the subject and the actors of the series. Aybüke Pusat, who plays the character of Bahar from the TV series Söz, and Furkan Andıç, in the lead roles in the TV series Her Yerde Sen, broadcast on Fox TV.

Synopsis of Her Yerde Sen 

Call it fate or life, the best things that happen to you are often hidden behind intractable problems. Demir (Furkan Andıç) and Selin (Aybüke Pusat), who claim the same house and are stubborn as a goat, are forced to live together. As if this weren't enough, events will become inextricable when one of them comes to the company where he works and the other as a manager.

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Is Selin ready to share with Demir not only her house, which she bought with great difficulty, but also her business life at Artemim Architecture, where she is like a family? What about Demir, who came to raise his successful business life abroad at Artemim while struggling with the traumas and hurts of the past?

Selin is not the only one who will have to struggle with the "Demir Erendil Rules" from the first moment she comes to the office. Even in difficult times, the people of the office, who have never stopped being like a family and are accustomed to working in their own order, stand together to save both themselves and Selin from this situation. it will roll! Although Demir Erendil may seem alone against everyone, it will not be easy to intimidate him and there will be events for us to watch every moment with pleasure!

The best things that happen to you are often hidden behind inextricable problems. At this point, the love that life offers the most beautiful gift will also fall into the share of Demir and Selin, who will suddenly be included in each other's lives and take them to unexpected places!

Cast of Her Yerde Sen

Furkan Andıç as Demir Erendil 

Aybüke Pusat as Selin Sever

Ali Yağcı as Burak Yangel

Beste Kökdemir as Eylül

Aslıhan Malbora as Ayda Akman

Ali Gözüşirin as İbrahim Tunç

Deniz Işın as Merve Mutlu

Fatih Özkan as Ferruh Özerdim

Cem Cücenoğlu as Muharrem Usta

Ayfer Tokatlı as Azmiye Boşgeçmez

Ayşe Tunaboylu as Leyla Günbakan

Binnur Şerbetçioğlu as Firuze Günbakan

Aziz Caner İnan as Vedat Ayhan

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