Arka Sokaklar (Back Street) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

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Who are the players of the new 2021 season of Arka Sokaklar (Back Street), What the character cast? What is the synopsis? When did the series start? Where is the filming location?

Arka Sokaklar (Back Street) series, which came to the screen with 16 seasons this year, started in 2006. Arka Sokaklar, which has been meeting with the audience every week in the production of Erler film, comes to the screen with its 592th episode tonight. Arka Sokaklar series, which has been followed by large audiences for years, is curious. 

The new season of Arka Sokaklar (Back Street), one of the longest-running TV series on television, starts tonight! 2 new names joined the cast of the TV series Arka Sokaklar, which has been in the production of Erler Film for 16 Season. Who are the actors of the family series Arka Sokaklar broadcast on Kanal D screens? What is the story, when did it start?

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Synopsis of Arka Sokaklar (Back Street)

In the series, the family lives of the police officers working in a special team at the Public Security Branch of the Istanbul Police Department and their adventures on the streets of Istanbul are told. The team constantly encounters different and varied human stories during their mission. It is Police Chief Rıza Baba, who approaches these stories, which make us smile from time to time and are heart wrenching at times, with the experience and fatherhood of his professional years, and guide the other young members of the team.

Arka Sokaklar Filming Location

The interior preferred for TV series shooting is generally the Istanbul Police Department on Vatan Street in Fatih district of Istanbul. Preferred regions for shooting exteriors are districts such as Beyoğlu and Şişli on the European side, and Kadıköy and Beykoz districts on the Anatolian side. Most of the episodes are shot in Beykoz.

Cast of Arka Sokaklar (Back Street)

Neriman Uğur as Nevbahar Pamiroğlu

Emre Fakıoğlu as Halis

Şekip Taşpınar as Medar

Sevi Demirçivi as Amir Ümit

Rabia Kaya as Nuray Yıldız

Serhat Midyat as Servan

Melih Çardak as Servet Karaca

Gaye Gürsel as Esra

Emre Törün as Civan

Alp Korkmaz as Ali Akdoğan

Merve Oflaz as Bahar Ayan

Yiğitcan Ergin as Cemal Şahin

Pınar Soylu Akdoğan as Elvan Dişli

Engin Balkan as İlker İnanoğlu

Ela Yörüklü as Ezgi Vural

Ozan Çobanoğlu as Hakan Çınar

Özgür Ozan as Hüsnü Çoban

Şevket Çoruh as Mesut Güneri

Zafer Ergin as Rıza Soylu

Oya Okar as Selin Demirci

Tekin Çoban as Onur Bay

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