Episode 13 Baht Oyunu (Baht Game): Trailer And Summary

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The new 13rd episode trailer of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) has been released! In the end episode; Bora declares his love for Ada. What happen in the episode on September 14th?

The 12th episode trailer of the Baht Oyunu series has been released. What will happen in the new episode of Baht Oyunu to be published this week? Baht Oyunu will be on Kanal D on Tuesday, September 14, 2021...

Baht Oyunu Plot Story

If you believe that your luck is bad, it is not easy to beat bad luck… However, Ada, who grew up among women who believed that they would find happiness if they married the men they first fell in love with, and who could not achieve this, is just about to put an end to this and put a stick in the wheel of fate, which is what happens.

Ada is abandoned by Rüzgar, whom she believes to be her first love. While Ada is trying to win Rüzgar back on her way to happiness, she comes across Bora. A difficult and romantic journey awaits Ada, who is stuck between her love and faith.

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What happen in the end episode?

Bora declares his love for Ada. Having heard that Selin has kidnapped Ali, Bora and Ada pursue the duo. While trying to stop Ali and Selin, they find themselves in a game. Meanwhile, an interesting rumor about Bora and Ada spreads in the company. Unable to reach them, Rüzgar and Tuğçe begin to search every inch of Ada and Bora.

Ali and Selin's plan works. Finally, the feelings of the duo are revealed and Bora declares his love for Ada. The fledgling lovers decide to hide their relationship, but it won't be as easy as they thought.

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Episode 13 Trailer 

Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Episode 13 Summary

Bora is not convinced of the reason for Ada's separation and tries to learn the truth of the matter. Because Ada cannot tell the truth, she claims the bad luck of the women in her family. Thus, she thinks that she will keep Bora away from herself, but Bora neither believes in this game of luck nor gives up on Ada.

While trying to break Ada's superstition, Bora announces their relationship in the middle of the company. Ada and Bora's relationship creates a bombshell effect both in the company and at home. Pressed by Tuğçe and her aunt Nergis, Ada resorts to various ways to resist her feelings and convince Bora. However, this game of baht will create unexpected results.

Produced and designed by Fatih Enes Omeroglu, Arc film's new summer series 'Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)' Episode 13 released on September 14th. Read Also All Episode of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)

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