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Episode 16 Ada Masalı (Island of Tale): Trailer And Summary

The new 16th episiode trailer of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) has been released! In the end episiode; Haziran will find the last resort by accepting the job offer and leaving the island. What will happen in the episode on October 5th?

Star Tv has added a new one to its ambitious series. The series named "Ada Masalı (Island of Tale)"; It is talked about a lot with its subject and actors. The new episodes of the series, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, are broadcast on every Tuesdays night.

A brand new romantic summer series by Ay Yapım that will warm your heart, the series cheers up the screens in summer. The subject and the cast have been curious since the first introduction of the series was published. Finally, this curious wait is over. Ali Bilgin is the director of the series, and Yeşim Çıtak and Yelda Eroğlu undertake the script. Here is 16th episode trailer and episode summary of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) ....

ada masli episode 16
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What happen in the end episode?

Batu, who is constantly known against Poyraz because of İdil, is after new plans. The steps Poyraz takes to complicate his life will lead him to take an Istanbul journey. İdil, on the other hand, is aware that she is approaching the end of an era, and it will not be so easy to accept that her heart beats for someone else.

Faced with her true feelings thanks to a guest who came to the island, Biricik will have to choose between her enmity with Melisa and Alper and her own happiness. This choice will open a new page for both Biricik and Melisa and Alper.

Trying to find out the true feelings of Poyraz, Haziran will find the last resort by accepting the job offer and leaving the island. She always hopes that Poyraz will stop her and prevent her from leaving… However, for a while, Poyraz has preferred to bury his pain in his heart so that his love will be happy and free. This decision made for the sake of Haziran will cause the two lovers to embark on an irreversible path.

Ada Masalı Episode 16 Trailer 

Ada Masalı Episode 16 Summary

Haziran and Poyraz are now two strangers… This tension between them will affect everyone around them. On top of that, learning that Batu is a partner in the hotel causes confusion. However, a common enemy that threatens the whole island will require the suspension of all resentments, resentments and conflicts, even for a while. Doygun's arrival on the island will catch everyone off guard.

Meanwhile, Doygun is not the only unexpected visitor to the island. When a mysterious woman begins to wander the streets of the island, those who know her realize that a storm is coming for Poyraz. Poyraz and Haziran are approaching the brink of a big test step by step because of this mysterious woman.

Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) Episode 16 released on Tuesday, October 5, 2021 at 08 P.M.!. Read Also All Episode of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale)

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