Episode 2 Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey: Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey (All About Marriage) has been released! What happen in the episode on September 28th?

The first trailer of FOX TV's new series Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey, starring Sumru Yavrucuk, Gökçe Bahadır and Sarp Akkaya, has been released. The cast of the MF Productions series, which will be screened as an adaptation of the "The Split" series, includes famous actors from each other.

In the highly anticipated series, the reactions and differences of four very different women from the Cevher family to their common past are discussed. The teaser trailer of the series was released. So what will happen in the 2nd episode? Here is 2nd episode trailer and episode summary of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey .....

evlilik hakkinda hersey episode 2
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What happen in the 1st episode?

Azra Günay, a successful divorce lawyer, has been dealing with the cases of well-known and influential people of Istanbul for many years together with her mother, Çolpan Cevher, who is the doyen of her job, and her hard-headed brother, Sanem Cevher. Now it's time for Azra to take the next step. Her mother, Çolpan, will retire and transfer the management of the office to her daughter Azra, but things do not go as Azra expected. 

A violent argument between Azra and her mother causes a great shock in the Cevher family. As the Cevher family confronts their shattered past, Azra begins to question her marriage and life. When she has to face the fears she has ignored all her life, she makes a decision that will change all the balances in the family. A surprise visitor from the past will make it difficult for her to stand behind her decision.

Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey Episode 2 Trailer

Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey Episode 2 Summary

For Azra, Sanem and Güneş, the sudden appearance of their father, whom they thought dead, created an earthquake effect. There are many dark spots that need to be clarified for the three siblings who learn that their life until now has been a lie. In addition to the destruction he has experienced, Çolpan is worried that some secrets that he buried with Faruk years ago will come to light. Songül, who started to overcome the effect of the trap that Alpay set for her, rolls up her sleeves to make Alpay pay for what she has done. 

Azra, who is trying to adapt to the new business environment on the one hand, and has to work in the same place with Yıldırım, who she left in the past, on the other; It is tested by Erman Arsen with a new case. Güneş prepares a shocking surprise for her siblings Azra and Sanem by doing something that no one expects under the influence of what they have been through. Although Sanem tries to get Çolpan to accept the case of the famous rapper Astek, Çolpan has more essential problems. For Sanem, this case is now a matter of pride. Encountering Yildirim years later, Sergen causes unexpected events to happen...

Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey Episode 2 released on Tuesday evening, September 28, 2021 on FOX. Read Also All Episode of Evlilik Hakkında Her Şey (All About Marriage)

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