Episode 2 Yalancı (The Liar): Trailer And Summary

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The new 2nd episode trailer of Yalancı (The Liar) has been released! When will 2nd episode be released? Watch the alternative 2nd episode trailer here ....

The popular TV series Yalancı (The Liar) is meeting with its fans this evening. The viewers who want to watch the series are searching for when the new episode is, Is there Yalancı (The Liar) 2nd episode today, What happened in the last episode? Here are the details...

Yalancı (The Liar), which is eagerly awaited by TV series fans, is meeting with its fans this evening. The viewers who want to watch the series are searching for when is the new episode, Is the new episode today, What will happen in Yalancı (The Liar) new 2nd episode. The news continues with Turkey's most comprehensive news website.

The countdown continues for Show TV's eagerly awaited new series "Yalancı (The Liar)" signed by Durus Film. In the new promotion published from the first episode of Yalancı, which arouses curiosity with its introductions and remarkable story, the first signals of the struggle between Deniz (Burçin Terzioğlu) and Mehmet Emir (Salih Bademci) are given. While the excited waiting continues, a new introduction from the first episode has been released. In the promotion, where the tension between Deniz and Mehmet Emir is rising, both sides are trying to tell what happened in a very confident way.

yalanci episode 2
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In the end episode; A tensions rise in the promotion, where the struggle to prove the truth between Deniz and Mehmet Emir becomes increasingly difficult. While Deniz tries to prove that Mehmet Emir is a liar, Mehmet Emir counterattacks. While it is still a mystery who is telling the truth, breaths are held when Deniz and Mehmet Emir come face to face. While Deniz's attack on Mehmet Emir shocked the viewers, the new episode with striking developments is eagerly awaited. 

What happen in the first episode?

Deniz is an intelligent and talented literature teacher working at Private Saklışehir High School. She is divorced, she has not let anyone into her life for a long time. She goes out to dinner with the famous surgeon Mehmet Emir, who works at the same hospital as her sister and is the father of one of her students. 

In the morning of the night they spent together, they both wake up with different feelings. Mehmet Emir feels something for someone for the first time since his wife died, he is happy. Deniz claims that Mehmet Emir raped her. Both parties are extremely sure of what they are experiencing. But it turns out that someone is lying. 

Yalancı (The Liar) Episode 2 Trailer

Yalancı (The Liar) Episode 2 Summary

Deniz thinks that Mehmet Emir is giving himself medicine. But the police do nothing without proof; Deniz cannot prove this either. Mehmet Emir, on the other hand, wants all the events to end before Doruk gets hurt any more. Mehmet Emir tries to talk to Deniz and persuade her. The sea does not listen. According to him, Mehmet Emir is a rapist and whatever he will do, he will unmask himself. But Deniz's efforts backfire and she gets tangled in her feet. The secret he has been hiding from everyone is about to be revealed. The sea has now entered an irreversible path.

Nobody knows except Deniz and Mehmet Emir. They both describe the night differently. And he embarks on a tense, breathless adventure in pursuit of the truth. All they have to do is prove that they are telling the truth.

Yalancı (The Liar) is on Show TV with its 2nd episode on Friday, September 24, 2021 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yalancı (The Liar)

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