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The new 216th episode trailer of Emanet (Legacy) has been released! In the end episode; While tensions rise between Seher and Yaman, the winds of love continue to blow softly for Duygu and Ali! What happen in the episode on September 27th?

The second week of Kanal 7's Karamel Yapım signed Emanet series comes to an end. The production, which includes many important actors, will take your breath away in the weekend and lock the viewers on the screen. In the series, which is watched with great pleasure at every moment, but upsets the audience from time to time, what will happen after today is also a matter of curiosity and it is wanted to be learned by researching. Emanet 216th episode trailer is in our news.

In Emanet, starring Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu, the second week of the second season, which started last Monday, ends on Friday. New stories began to be written in the series, in which the experiences of the Crimean family and the police station team were told. Ali's life may change after he broke up with his fiancee and lost Kiraz. Will Fırat be able to repay the feelings he has for Neslihan, whom he falls in love with? Will Yaman and Seher reconcile? The answers to your questions are eagerly awaited ...

Seher's trap! No matter how hard Yaman tries to change Seher's view of himself, Seher's anger is not going to stop. Yaman's uneasy moods during Seher's visit to Ziya will enable Seher to sign a new plan. Seher will want to lure Yaman into a trap through Ziya by getting his support from Firat.

emanet episode 216
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With this trap, Seher is after sending Yaman to prison and avenging her sister. Yaman, on the other hand, will continue to love Seher with all his heart, despite all these plans. The key to Seher and Yaman's relationship will be Yaman's good heart.

Bomb love is at the door! Contrary to this pessimistic picture between Seher and Yaman, Duygu and Ali will continue to surprise us. After the eventful meeting of the two, Ali's heroism shakes Duygu a lot. Although Duygu is sweating, she feels that she has feelings for him. Duygu, who will see Ali's good-heartedness and self-sacrifice as time goes on, will not be able to get out of Ali's attraction!

In the meantime, it is useful not to miss Zuhal. Zuhal, who saved Yusuf's life, somehow managed to acquit himself. Playing the role of the victim, Zuhal's only goal is to return to the mansion! After returning to the mansion, taking revenge on Seher and possessing Yaman. Although Zuhal cannot achieve all these dreams, it is certain that there will be a great danger for the duo. Here is 216th episode trailer and episode summary of Emanet (Legacy) ....

What happen in the end episode?

Seher is on her way to having good feelings for Yaman, who cares for her. But will this happen in a short time? On the other hand, Ali and Duygu's relationship, which is contradictory because of the team, goes in a good direction. Ali gets closer to Duygu, whom he saved from bullets in the middle of the operation. The new life of Duygu, who is looking for a house and wants to live there with her mother, will also ignite this rapprochement. Will Ziya reveal the truth? All and more in the new section of Emanet (Legacy)

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 216 Trailer

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 216 Summary

Seher takes her nephew Yusuf after her great destruction and establishes a world for two away from everything. This new life she has established has brought new people to Seher and gave her an opportunity to erase the traces of the past.

After losing Seher and his nephew because of the lie he told to protect his brother, Yaman's first job is to go after Seher and Yusuf. However, reaching them is more difficult than you imagine. Seher has left no trace behind. Making great efforts to get used to the modest life she has established with Yusuf, Seher finds Yaman in front of her unexpectedly. This encounter will not be easy for either of them. Because the greater the love between them, the greater the lie that separates them. Despite all the time that has passed and the pain that separates them, what will be the decision of Seher, who sees Yaman in front of her?

For Ali, who leaves no room for anything other than his profession in his life, the only goal is to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. An operation they undertake with his team brings Duygu against him. Duygu, who is tough, strict and strict, is also a successful cop. Ali, who had to work with Duygu as a result of his superiors' orders, is aware that this partnership is a harbinger of difficult days. Conflicting cooperation drags Ali and Duygu, who get to know each other over time, to a different adventure. Will the arrival of Duygu be the beginning of a new story for Ali, who has closed himself off to the world?

Kanal 7's popular series Emanet 216th episode trailer will be released on September 27, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Emanet (Legacy)

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