Episode 3 İçimizden Biri (One of Us): Trailer And Summary

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The new 3rd episode trailer of İçimizden Biri (One of Us) has been released! Will the young lovers, who are clenched against external forces, be prepared for an internal blow from an unexpected place? What happen in the episode on September 26th?

While everyone who sees Eva treats Havva well in the promotion surprises everyone, Hacı Hünkar continues to maintain his tough attitude towards Adam. The man, on the other hand, continues to do his best to make himself loved and be a member of the family.

The surprise news of Havva in the second episode of "İçimizden Biri" that came to the screen created a bombshell effect in both families. Hacı Hünkar had no choice but to accept Adam as his groom, but he had very harsh conditions for this. Adam would first change his name to Adam and be circumcised. Adam, who gave up his religion for Havva, accepted all the conditions of Hacı Hünkar. Adam, who was subjected to various tortures by Hacı Hünkar and his brother-in-laws, almost fought to reunite with Havva. At the wedding, he was exposed to the shaving game in which he was turned on a wooden hoop with his hands and feet tied, he was circumcised...

As the young lovers continued to struggle to reunite, the enemy fronts against their love began to increase. Eva moves to separate Adam and Havva. For this, she made a deal with Havva's sisters and brothers-in-law. Despite all the difficulties, Havva and Adam managed to get together and go on a honeymoon. Hanım and Gürbüz and Hatun and Hulusi did not leave the couple alone on their honeymoon. They began to implement their plan to separate Havva and Adam. 

Havva, who thought that Adam had deceived her because of the tricks of her sisters and uncles, suffered a great destruction and threw the ring away. It did not take long for Adam to acquit himself. Just when Havva and Adam were about to reconcile and continue their honeymoon, a phone call came. Her aunt's wife Bahtiyar called Havva and said that Haji Hünkar had had a heart attack. The health status of Hacı Hünkar and how this event would affect the couple's marriage became the subject of curiosity.

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Adam: "If Havva wants, I Can be the Imam"

While the moments between Adam and Gürbüz draw attention, what will happen after this move of Adam, who slapped his brother-in-law, is eagerly awaited. Here is 3rd episode trailer and episode summary of İçimizden Biri ...

What happen in the end episode?

The bomb news that Havva pulled her pin and left in the middle of the two families shocked everyone, especially Adam. Hünkar has no choice but to accept Adam as the groom. So Havva and Adam think so. However, Hünkar has no intention of giving approval to this marriage. He will make Adam pay for what he has done. Adam, who gave up his religion for Havva, has a very long list of things to give up. But none of this matters to him, all he wants is to marry Havva. 

For this, Adam is willing to suffer any kind of torture. While Havva and Adam think they are fighting only one enemy, one front, they are unaware of the secret fronts. Because Havva has also become a strong side in the war against young lovers. The job of our lovers is much more difficult than before. Havva and Adam, who believe that they will fight on every front with the strength they get from their love for each other; They are ready for any move. Will the young lovers, who are clenched against external forces, be prepared for an internal blow from an unexpected place?

İçimizden Biri Episode 3 Trailer

İçimizden Biri Episode 3 Summary

Eve was surprised by the sad news that came at her happiest moment, and her world was almost destroyed. She blames herself for what happened. But nothing can separate the young lovers. They have absolute confidence in themselves and their love. That's why Eve puts a strain on her father. Whatever Hünkar does to Adam, Adam will not give up, he will succeed in being one of us.

But the blank check that Eve wrote puts Adam in trouble the most. Hünkar will use this trump card to the fullest and will do his best to take his revenge. While it is thought that nothing will shake the love that stands upright even against the tortures of Hünkar, the young lovers will take the real wound from the inside, from a place they never imagined. Eve faces a threat from where she is most vulnerable.

Show TV's new series, İçimizden Biri (One of Us), 3rd episode released on September 26. Read Also All Episode of İçimizden Biri (One of Us)

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