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Episode 4 Yalancı (The Liar): Trailer And Summary

The new 4th episode trailer of Yalancı (The Liar) has been released! When will 4th episode be released? Watch the alternative 4th episode trailer here ....

While Deniz's attack is the scene of fearful moments, the mystery of who is the 'liar' begins to unravel in this episode. With the successful director Hülya Gezer sitting in the director's chair, and the screenplay written by the Yazıhane team, Show TV's series, signed by Surec Film, is followed with great interest. Yalancı (The Liar) series, starring Burçin Terzioğlu and Salih Bademci, draws attention with its plot and characters.

The third episode of the Liar series, which is about a literature teacher and a doctor's life turning into a nightmare after dinner, has been released. In the promotion, which drew attention to the tension-filled speech of Deniz and Mehmet Emir, Doruk's "Am I a rapist?" The question is confusing.

yalanci episode 4
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On the other hand, Yasemin's statement that she will not tell Deniz and the police about her findings raises suspicion. While Deniz's attack is the scene of fearful moments, the mystery of who is the 'liar' begins to unravel in this episode. Here is 4th episode trailer and episode summary of Yalancı (The Liar) .....

What happen in the end episode?

Mehmet Emir not only found Deniz's earring, but took a step forward in this war. Deniz's luck is not going well. The mysterious man he thought was in the past appeared and stood before him. This man will change the balance and bring the sides that cling to his own truth against each other once again.

Doruk, on the other hand, forces his father to take steps to regain his reputation. In fact, this war is everyone's own war. The winners and the losers are constantly changing. But time is running out for the liar.

Yalancı (The Liar) Episode 4 Trailer

Who is the liar coming out!

The tension between Murat and Mehmet Emir is gradually increasing in the promotion where Deniz starts to investigate Mehmet Emir. Murat can't stand Mehmet Emir's provocations and attacks him. While Canan's conversation with Mehmet Emir raises questions about the night between the two, what kind of person is Mehmet Emir, who turned out to be a liar?

Yalancı (The Liar) Episode 4 Summary

Mehmet Emir leaves the earring he found at Deniz's house and threatens her openly. Even if the sea is afraid, it will not give up, it will not turn from its path. Mehmet Emir is acquitted by the statement of the school principal, whom Deniz accused of harassment in the past. Deniz pursues the clue he caught despite everything and everyone. On this journey, the only obstacle he will face will be Mehmet Emir. The duel will be repeated once again; the truth will be overshadowed by the drawn swords.

Yalancı (The Liar) is on Show TV with its 4th episode on Friday, October 8, 2021 at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yalancı (The Liar)

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