Watch The New 2nd Season (Episode 22) Trailer of Son Yaz (Last Summer)

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When will Son Yaz Season 2 start? Has the Fox TV series Season 2 season 2 date been announced? Here is the detail about new second season of Son Yaz ... 

The countdown has begun for the second season of the Fox TV series Son Yaz, which attracted a considerable audience with its first season. Fans of the series are wondering when and on what date the new season of Son Yaz will start...

In the 2nd season of Son Yaz series, which will be on the screen with many changes in the new season, will be the subject of the events after Canan's death. Birce Akalay, who has just joined Son Yaz and will play a character that will affect the course of the story, has been involved in the shooting of the new season. While the actor draws attention with his new image, the Sare character is expected to be at the center of the story.

son yaz season 2 release date
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Son Yaz, the breaths are held for the second season. We brought together the latest situation regarding the new season of the highly anticipated series...

What happen in the final 21st episode?

Gökhan's aim to kidnap Selçuk Taşkın is different. He wants to reveal a family secret from the past by confronting Akgün and his father. But their plans are ruined before Akgün and Selçuk Taşkın can face each other. Selim and Canan sit down and talk about their relationship after Yağmur's kidnapping. Since Selim returned to Cesme, nothing has happened to the Kara family. Canan is on the eve of making radical decisions about her relationship.

While Yağmur and Akgün dream of continuing their relationship from where they left off after all that has happened, there is only one obstacle in front of them. Akgün's older brother is still alive and missing.

Son Yaz 2nd season trailer

As the shooting of the new season of FOX TV's popular series Son Yaz started, the first promotion was broadcast today. With the new additions to its cast, the series is quite ambitious for this season. Here is Son Yaz (Last Summer) season 2 promotion.. The shooting of the new season of the Son Yaz series, starring Ali Atay, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Alperen Duymaz, continues at full speed.

When does Son Yaz Season 2 Start?

Son Yaz, about 3 months after the season finale, was among the series that were researched for the new season. The actors of the series will be on the set on August 25. The new season of Son Yaz is expected to start in the second week of September.

Birce Akalay, Onur Bay and Yılmaz Bayraktar were included in the TV series that came to the screen on Friday evenings. It was claimed that Yaprak Medine, who attracted all the attention with the character of Beren in the series Manajerimi Ara, was included in the cast of the series.

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