Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) Season 2 Release Date: Turkish Drama

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Will Baht Oyunu (Baht Game) released with new 2nd season? Why the series make it final? What happen in the end episode?

When and on what date will Baht Oyunu be held? The answer to his question is among the questions questioned. The claim that Baht Oyunu, which is among the new series of Kanal D screens, will make a final, is curiously investigated by its fans. Future statements about the series starring Cemre Baysel, Aytaç Şaşmaz and İdris Nebi Taşkan are being followed closely. Here, is Baht Oyunu making its final? When and on what date will Baht Oyunu be held?

Is Baht Oyunu making the final? When and on what date will Baht Oyunu be held? The answers to their questions are among the researched topics. The series, starring names such as Aytaç Şaşmaz, Cemre Baysel, and İdris Nebi Taşkan, has been broadcasting on Kanal D screens since June. Here, is Baht Oyunu making its final? When and on what date will Baht Oyunu be held?

What happen in the end episode?

Lawyer Turgut takes over Ada's divorce case. Chasing Ada's first love, Bora sees Ada with Turgut and thinks Turgut is Ada's first love. Bora brings Nergis and Aslan together with Turgut and tells him that Ada has found her first love. When Ada, Tuğçe and Rüzgar come to the restaurant where they meet, there is a complete uproar.

Despite all the interventions, Bora decides to propose to Ada. Tuğçe, who knocked on Ada's door before Bora, tells Ada that she has solved the secret she kept with Rüzgar. Shocked when Tuğçe learns the truth, Ada is surprised to see Bora come to the door with her family with flowers in her hand.

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Things get into a deadlock when Ada tries to stay away from Bora and, by a twist of fate, gets closer again. Bora and her family's request for Ada results in disappointment. Bora, rejected by Ada, is now very close to losing her faith in love. Ada decides to quit her job. Ada goes to Bora's room and says goodbye to her, but Ada encounters an obstacle just before she leaves the job. By a twist of fate, this incident prevents Ada from leaving her job. On the other hand, it causes a new rivalry between Ada and Tuğçe.

Ada and Tuğçe are candidates for an award ceremony organized by a foundation. Thus, Ada begins to work with all her might to prove herself. Ada, who is chasing her new writing, suddenly disappears. While everyone is frantically searching for Ada, Ada is in big trouble.

Baht Oyunu Final Episode

It was learned that Baht Oyunu series, which started broadcasting as a summer series on Kanal D screens, will make its final. The series experienced a decrease in the ratings due to the participation of the series with huge budgets in the race in the new season. For this reason, it was claimed that the series would make the final with the 17th episode. No statement has been made yet from the channel or the production company on the subject.

The series Baht Oyunu, starring Aytaç Şaşmaz and Cemre Baysel, starring ARC Film, which was produced and designed by Fatih Enes Ömeroğlu, ended on Kanal D on Tuesday, October 12nd. The new episode of the series will air tonight.

Baht Oyunu was screened on Kanal D with its first episode on Tuesday, June 15 at 20:00. The Baht Game, which is about the entertaining story of Ada, who is stuck between her love and faith, is getting ready to leave its mark on Tuesday evenings. Read Also All Episode of Baht Oyunu (Baht Game)

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