Episode 18 Ada Masalı (Island of Tale): Trailer And Summary

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The new 18th episiode trailer of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) has been released! In the end episiode; When Poyraz suddenly disappears after a traffic accident, everyone on the Swallow Island is mobilized. What will happen in the episode on October 19th?

Star Tv has added a new one to its ambitious series. The series named "Ada Masalı"; It is talked about a lot with its subject and actors. The new episodes of the series, starring Ayça Ayşin Turan and Alp Navruz, are broadcast on every Tuesdays night.

A brand new romantic summer series by Ay Yapım that will warm your heart, Ada Masalı cheers up the screens in summer. The subject and the cast of the series have been curious since the first introduction of the series was published. Finally, this curious wait is over. Ali Bilgin is the director and Yeşim Çıtak and Yelda Eroğlu undertake the script. Here is 18th episode trailer and episode summary of Ada Masalı ......

ada masli episode 18
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What happen in the end episode?

When Poyraz suddenly disappears after a traffic accident, everyone on the Swallow Island is mobilized. Mountain and stone will be searched to find the injured Poyraz. Even though Haziran is very angry or hurt, she can't stand the idea of Poyraz hiding somewhere injured. She does her best to find him safe and sound.

Poyraz, on the other hand, wants to take a step back and think after what he has been through. But life will not go as he planned. As always, Haziran will catch up with Poyraz's wounds and illuminate his darkness.

Ada Masalı Episode 18 Trailer

Ada Masalı Episode 18 Summary

Swallow Island is no longer for Haziran…. Poyraz is no longer for Haziran… Haziran has decided to open a new page in her life. It will try to endure a life without winds. Poyraz seems to welcome his departure with maturity. It has been the best for Haziran, and Poyraz will accept it. However, it will not be so easy to continue this lie that he has told himself and others.

While all this is going on, an award received by Sandal Tree Hotel will be instrumental in crossing the paths of Haziran and Poyraz. The love of Haziran and Poyraz, which started and grew on the Swallow Island, will now overflow to the very loud, very bright and very lively streets of Izmir.

Ada Masalı (Island of Tale) Episode 18 released on Tuesday, October 19, 2021 at 08 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Ada Masalı (Island of Tale)

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