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Episode 228 Emanet (Legacy): Trailer And Summary

The new 228th episode trailer of Emanet (Legacy) has been released! How will Yaman change Seher's extreme and meaningless attitudes?   What will happen in the episode on Tuesday, October 13rd?

The entrusted facts were revealed and it was understood that all this nonsense was actually for nothing. While Seher gets over the surprise of this situation a little bit, Yaman is eager to heal the wounds. However, this will not be so easy!


Does the fairytale love begin? After facing the facts, Seher saw how unfair she was to Yaman. He also understood that Yaman did all this to protect his loved ones. The ice between the two seems to melt quickly.

But all this is just a temporary illusion. Seher's trauma will not pass easily. Now is the time for a completely different exam for Yaman! How will Yaman change Seher's extreme and meaningless attitudes? How is he going to get it back to how it was?

emanet episode 228
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Yaman's hard days! Zuhal is the only solution for this issue at the moment! He can bring the two closer together with the evil he will do. We've seen this before. Iqbal's evil deeds had always brought the couple closer. However, no matter what, a very difficult process will be waiting for Yaman now. Yaman will need a lot of patience!

While there are difficulties between Seher and Yaman, a warm love awaits us on the other side. While Duygu is going through very difficult times, Ali comes to her with her wings. Ali's support will be of great importance in the difficult decisions Zuhal will make for the future. His brother, who is thought to be dead, will be revealed with Ali's unwavering determination.

Yaman does his best to reveal the truth. Seher prepares a bad surprise for Yaman. Yaman finally got the news he was waiting for. But he is unaware of Seher's plan as he tries to reveal everything. Ali, who learns that Yasemin is Duygu's sister, is now with her. They will look for her sister together. 

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 228 Trailer

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 228 Summary 

Yaman’s Dependence. In this episode of the popular TV series Emanet, Seher gets very angry with Yaman for hiding the truth. What will Yaman do, who wants everything to get better? Seher, who is angry with Yaman for hiding the truth, has a very harsh reaction. Yaman, who was waiting with the hope that everything will be okay, was helpless in front of Seher.

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 228 Full Episode

Kanal 7's popular series Emanet 228th episode trailer will be released on October 13, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Emanet (Legacy)

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