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The new 230th episode trailer of Emanet (Legacy) has been released! In the end episode; A big surprise awaits Seher. What will happen in the episode on Tuesday, October 15th?

A new episode comes to the screen in Emanet, in which Halil İbrahim Ceyhan and Sıla Türkoğlu share the leading roles. Leaving the middle of the week behind, the production is also eagerly awaited for what will happen tomorrow. Will Yaman and Seher be able to come together again by heart? Emanet 230th episode trailer and summary are in our news.

It is a matter of curiosity where Yaman and Seher's relationship will go in Emanet, which continues to be one of the most watched TV series in Turkey and locks the viewers on the screen with every episode it airs for five days a week. Yaman, who cannot get what he wants despite the facts he has revealed, is disappointed and angry. 

Seher, on the other hand, tries to figure out why she was exposed to them in the blind well where she was pushed for so long and is angry. So what will happen tomorrow? Watch the trailer for the 230th episode of Emanet and its summary is in our news.

Seher gets very angry with Yaman for hiding the truth. What will Yaman do, who wants everything to get better? Seher, who is angry with Yaman for hiding the truth, has a very harsh reaction. Yaman, who was waiting with the hope that everything will be okay, was helpless in front of Seher. Duygu resigns. Ali, on the other hand, tries to dissuade him from his decision. 

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After the great destruction, Seher takes her nephew Yusuf with her and establishes a world for two away from everything. This new life he has built has brought new people to Seher and gave him an opportunity to erase the traces of the past. Yaman, who lost Seher and his nephew because of the lie he told to protect his brother and got out of the life and death struggle, is to go after Seher and Yusuf. However, reaching them is more difficult than you imagine.

Seher has left no trace behind. Making great efforts to get used to the modest life she has established with Yusuf, Seher finds Yaman in front of her unexpectedly. This encounter will not be easy for either of them. Because the greater the love between them, the greater the lie that separates them. Despite all the time that has passed and the pain that separates them, what will be the decision of Seher, who sees Yaman in front of her? For Ali, who leaves no room for anything other than his profession in his life, the only goal is to catch the criminals and bring them to justice. 

An operation they undertake with his team brings Duygu against him. Duygu, who is tough, strict and strict, is also a successful cop. Ali, who had to work with Duygu as a result of his superiors' orders, is aware that this partnership is a harbinger of difficult days. Conflicting cooperation drags Ali and Duygu, who started to get to know each other over time, on a different adventure. Will the arrival of Duygu be the beginning of a new story for Ali, who has closed himself off to the world?

What happen in the end episode?

Seher, whose anger does not subside in this episode in Emanet, distances herself from Yaman. But a surprise awaits Seher. Seher has determined the boundaries between her and Yaman. Now he says that their only bond is Yusuf, but their love will continue to push these limits. Duygu doesn't know what to do in the face of Semra's question. Will she dare to tell the truth?

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 230 Trailer 

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 230 Summary 

Kanal 7's popular phenomenon series Emanet came to the screen with its 230th episode trailer, which will be broadcast on Thursday, October 15th. Yaman does his best not to lose. So, will Yaman's efforts yield results?

No matter how much Seher refuses, Yaman believes that their love will not end and they will not separate. That's why he has no intention of giving up on it. He will not stop fighting for her. No matter how hard Ali tries to dissuade Duygu, who has resigned, he cannot succeed. She is devastated and doesn't believe she can recover.

Emanet (Legacy) Episode 230 Full Episode

Kanal 7's popular series Emanet 230th episode trailer will be released on October 15, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Emanet (Legacy)


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