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Sevda Erginci Short Biography And Profile: Turkish Actress

Who is Sevda Erginci? Who is the character of Ezo in the Turkish Series El Kızı (Hand of Girl)? How Old is She? How tall is she?

Here is the details about Sevda Erginci, Ezo character in the series El Kızı (Hand of Girl), were a matter of curiosity. Erginci will portray the character of Ezo Bozdağlı in the series, which appeared in front of the audience on Fox TV last night with its first episode. Lastly, who is Sevda Erginci (Ezo), whom we saw in the role of Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu? How old is Sevda Erginci, where is she originally from? Here are all the curiosities ...

Sevda Erginci will give life to the character of Ezo Bozdağlı in the TV series Elkızı, which started broadcasting on Fox TV. Erginci, who took part in projects such as Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu and Yasak Elma, will appear before the audience with a different character this time. So, who is Elkizi's Ezo Sevda Erginci? How old is Sevda Erginci, where is she originally from?

sevda erginci profile
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She became an orphan as a child with the death of her mother, and since she was humiliated by her father while growing up, ignored by her grandmother and grew up without love, she developed a vicious, vengeful character. She decides quickly, when she gets angry, her eyes see nothing, she can burn a quilt for fleas...

She has two goals in life. One is to be a teacher like her mother, the other is to marry for love... She has sworn that she will not marry a man like her father and that she will not live her mother's fate.


Sevda Erginci was born on October 3, 1993 in Istanbul. Erginci is 1.65 meters tall, 50 kilos and her zodiac is Libra. Sevda Erginci made her debut at the Semaver Kumpanya Children's Theater with the play "Paki and the Flowers of Love". In the same year, he gave life to the character of Lamia in the TV series Veda, together with his first TV project, Dark Red. 

The young actress had her first cinema experience with Searching Far Away. She worked with names such as Yağmur Ünal, Mehtap Bayri, Mustafa Uğurlu in the movie directed by Türkan Şoray. A year later, she returned to the world of TV series and gave life to the role of Liseli Sevda. Erginci, who portrayed a headstrong and in love girl here, received great acclaim. With the final decision of the series, the young actress continued on the screen with the Ver Elini Ask series without a break. Erginci, who played the village girl here, once again turned a corner to his fans.

One of Sevda Erginci's most popular characters was Zeynep, whom she gave life to in Yasak Elma (Forbidden Apple). In the series Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu she has now given life to the character of Turna.


2021 - Uyanış Büyük Selçuklu as Turna [TV Series]

2019 – Sevgili Geçmiş as İpek [TV Series]

2018 – Yasak Elma as Zeynep [TV Series]

2017 – Ver Elini Aşk as Ayperi [TV Series]

2016 – Hayat Bazen Tatlıdır as Sevda [TV Series]

2015 – Uzaklarda Arama as Nazlı [MOVIE]

2013 – 2014 – Karagül as Ayşe [TV Series]

2012 – Veda as Lamia [TV Series]

2012 – Koyu Kırmızı as Ayşe [TV Series]

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