Why Son Yaz (Last Summer) Make Final With 26th Episode?

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This is how Son Yaz (Last Summer) will bid farewell to the screen! Son Yaz (Last Summer) 26th and final episode trailer released. Why is the series ending? Here is the reason for the final decision...

Fox TV's popular series Son Yaz (Last Summer) will bid farewell to the screen with its 26th episode. A striking trailer was also released from the final episode of Son Yaz, starring Ali Atay, Alperen Duymaz, Hafsanur Sancaktutan and Birce Akalay. On Fox's final decision, the fans of the series reacted greatly on social media and hundreds of thousands of tweets were sent.

Son Yaz (Last Summer) series, which started broadcasting on Fox TV last season and caught its own fan base, is making its finale. The series, which was screened on Friday evenings before, was taken to Saturdays in the second season. After the farewell of Funda Eryiğit, Birce Akalay joined the cast in the new season. The story of the series also changed and its subject started to take place in Istanbul instead of Çeşme.

Fox TV, on the other hand, made the final decision for Son Yaz (Last Summer) with a surprise decision. The series will make its final with its 26th episode, which will be screened on Saturday, October 16th.

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Social Media Reacted!

After the announcement that Son Yaz (Last Summer) will make a final, messages poured into the Fox management on social media.

Why is Son Yaz (Last Summer) Finalizing?

The 25th episode of the Son Yaz series, which is broadcast on FOX with new episodes every week, will be in front of the audience this week. It was decided to make the finale in the 26th episode of the series. It is known that the broadcast life of the series, which was broadcast on Saturday, will be terminated due to the decrease in ratings. Son Yaz (Last Summer) started to be filmed in Izmir, and then this season it came to the screen with the scenes of Rize, and then moved to Istanbul. Read Also All Episode of Son Yaz (Last Summer)

Son Yaz (Last Summer) Fianl Episode

After Canan's death, nothing is the same as before. The Black family has been scattered to separate places. Selim, who could not bear Canan's death, went into seclusion. Akgün, on the other hand, is on the run. The person who will bring them together again will be Sare Akay. Sare Akay will enter the universe of Last Summer with her secrets and will change all the balances.

Sare Akay, an intelligence worker, heads a special team set up to fight organized crime. Because Istanbul witnesses the war of the mafia families. He needs your help to finish them off. And he will ask for help from Prosecutor Selim Kara. However, this will not be as easy as he thinks. Because Selim is no longer the old Selim; Neither Akgün is the old Akgün… nor Yağmur is the old Yağmur… Now they are people who pay the price of a common pain differently. 

Life is a heavy test. Selim enters into a big confrontation with himself and his past after all he has been through. This confrontation leads Selim to question himself. He decides to start all over for his children, but Selim's exam is not over yet.

Akgün and Yağmur, on the other hand, test with the anger and passion they have accumulated. Will anger or passion win? The final of the Last Summer is the final of those who are sure of their path and are not afraid of the consequences of the steps they take on this path. 

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