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Episode 2 of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny): Trailer And Summary

The new 2nd episode trailer of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) has been released! Watch the alternative 2nd episode trailer here .....

The new episode trailer of SHOW TV's new series Üç Kuruş has been released. The series, directed by Sinan Öztürk and written by Damla Serim, Murat Uyurkulak, and Eset Akçilad, locked the audience on the screen from the first episode. It is curious what will happen in the new episode of the series, which attracts attention with its subject and actors. Here is Üç Kuruş 2nd episode trailer and episode summary ...

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Plot Story

The chase game between Kartal, the mafia leader, who is the "protector" of Çıngıraklı, a colorful Roman neighborhood with its unique characters and harsh rules, and Efe, the reckless and unruly commissioner of the Organized Bureau, turns upside down with a murder case. The paths they take to catch the murderer will lead them to a name they will never guess.

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What happen in the first episode?

With its unique characters and strict rules. Çıngiraklı, a colorful Roman neighborhood with Kartal, the mafia leader who is his "protector" Organized Bureau's reckless and unruly commissioner Efe. The chase game between them turns upside down with a murder case. Trying to escape from the police forces and his rivals in the criminal world at the same time, Kartal's path crosses with the murderer.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 2 Trailer

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 2 Summary

Although Kartal does not accept Efe's offer of a deal, Efe is sure that they need to work together to find the murderer. While trying to get rid of Efe, Kartal has to pay the price of the damage he did to Mesut, more than he expected.

Kartal, who is in a fight with Nezih to protect his position in the criminal world, looks for the cure in his daughter Bahar. When the veil of mystery over the murders is lifted a little, Kartal has to reconsider Efe's offer this time.

Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny) Episode 2 released on Monday, November 8th at 8 P.M. on Show Tv channel. Read Also All Episode of Üç Kuruş (The Three Penny)

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