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Episode 5 Benim Hayatım (My Life): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Handan, who learns that he has been deceived by Bekir, experiences a great shock. Benim Hayatım (My Life) new 5th episode trailer has been released! What happen in the episode on December 2nd?

Benim Hayatım (My Life) new 5th episode trailer met with the audience. While the end episode of Benim Hayatım, which has made a name for itself with its bomb-like promotions and cast, has been talked about a lot this week, while what happened in the new episode trailer was a matter of curiosity. Benim Hayatım series, which locks the audience on the screen with its breathtaking scenes, will continue from where it left off with its 5th episode next week.

Benim Hayatım (My Life) new 5th episode trailer has been released. The series, which has attracted great attention since the first day it was broadcast, received full marks from the audience with its last episode and set a throne in the hearts of those at the beginning of the screen. With its scenes full of love, drama and excitement, the series, which is widely talked about and received great acclaim on social media, Benim Hayatım new 5th new episode trailer and episode summary are in our news.

Benim Hayatim ep 5
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benBenim Hayatım (My Life) Plot Story

Hayat, who came to Istanbul with her father Ökkeş for her dreams, participates in the fashion competition of Harisoğlu Holding. Holding owner Yılmaz finds himself in a circle of revenge when his father's old enemy turns up. Yılmaz's unexpected marriage proposal, who wants to be a big family, will have a bomb effect on everyone. Benim Hayatım (My Life) series will be on Star TV screens on Thursday evening on the new broadcast day.

What happen in the end episode?

Handan, who learns that he has been deceived by Bekir, experiences a great shock... Yadigar is learning of this situation means the death of Heves. Heves and Bekir, who set up a perfect murder plan, give everyone a big nightmare. However, Handan made a plan before he left. This will change the life of Hayat and everyone.

Benim Hayatım Episode 5 Trailer

Benim Hayatım Episode 5 Summary

Handan transfers his shares to Yasemin and Hayat. Hayat is now a partner of the company and has a huge legacy. Upon this good news, Hayat experiences great joy when she receives a marriage proposal from Ali. However, this happiness remains in the crop. Because Pınar is pregnant with Ali.

Star Tv's new series Benim Hayatım (My Life), meets the audience on Sunday December 2nd with its 5th episode. Read Also All Episode of Benim Hayatım (My Life)

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