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Episode 5 Sana Söz (Promise To You): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Rıza Demircioğlu realizes his mistake by filing a criminal complaint with Elif. The 5th episode trailer of Sana Söz (Promise To You) has been released. Watch the alternative 5th episode trailer here ....

The new 5th episode trailer of the Sana Söz series is expected to be released. With its strong cast and story, the beloved drama of the screens, Sana Söz, locked the audience on the screen with its third episode. So what will happen in the 5th new episode of Sana Söz?

Sana Söz new 4th episode trailer images are eagerly awaited. Sana Söz, which locked the audience on the screen with its scenes full of love, tension and passion, was breathtaking once again with its fourth episode. Get great attention with the first episode and the new trailer images are curious, the new 5th episode trailer of the Sana Söz series, its summary, and details are in our news. Here are 5th episode trailer and episode summary of Sana Söz (Promise To You) .....

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What happen in the end episode?

While the change in Ayşe Erten's health situation pushes Rıza to make new plans; Elif and Ömer will act together to find the witness. Erdem confronts Rıza after his speech with the witness of Ayşe's case. With the disappearance of Azmi Baba, the crisis between Ömer and Aysel deepens. Aysel tries to persuade Ömer once again to send her father to a nursing home. However, Ömer will find a solution that Aysel never expected.

Duru has learned the true identity of Bora and their relationship has come to a dead end. Bora will look for ways to convince Duru; Duru, on the other hand, will pursue the truth in great disappointment. In this process, Umut struggles to find the reason for his twin sister's unhappiness and to support him. While the danger in Elif's program strengthens the bond between Ömer and Elif; Erdem is on the verge of a crossroads in both business and family life.

Sana Söz (Promise To You) Episode 5 Trailer 

Sana Söz (Promise To You) Episode 5 Summary

With the attack on Ayşe, the cards are redistributed. An unnamed war begins between Rıza and Bora. Although Erdem wants to stay out of this war, the events that develop with the rescue of Ayşe force him to choose a side. While the tension between Erdem and Elif continues to exist, Erdem will receive the greatest support from Aslı.

Saniye Azmi notices the traces of physical violence suffered by her father. Now the alarm bells are ringing for Aysel. Elif and Ömer work together again due to the murder of Levent Gürsoy. Elif Azmi looks for ways to tell each other what she knows about the father, and Omer about the acquaintance between Bora and Duru.

Duru and Umut's birthday reunites the Karaca Family, but with an unexpected guest, the ropes come to the breaking point again between Elif and Erdem. The surprise gift to Duru will lead him to an irreversible path. The expected showdown takes place between Bora and Rıza.

Starring Erkan Petekkaya and Nehir Erdoğan, Sana Söz (Promise To You) Episode 5 released on November 30th. Read Also All Episode of Sana Söz (Promise To You)

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