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Kiralık Aşk (Love For Rent) Synopsis And Cast: Turkish Drama

What the synopsis of Kiralık Aşk (Love For Rent)? Who are the actor actresses? When the first episode been aired?

One of the new summer 2015 series, Kiralık Aşk has been released on Star TV. Here are the details from Kiralık Aşk series... Kiralık Aşk's player are  Elçin Sangu, Barış Arduç, Salih Bademci and Sinem Öztürk, in the lead roles of the series, whose script was written by Meriç Novice, Metin Balekoğlu sits in the director's chair.

Star TV introduced its new series for the summer period. Ortaks Yapım, the new company founded by Müge Turalı, the producer of 1 Man and 1 Woman, is producing the TV series Kiralık Aşk, which tells an interesting love story. In the series, which is a romantic comedy, the life of a waitress who lives by herself in one day is told.  Kiralık Aşk premiered on Star TV on June 19, 2015 and the final episode aired on January 20, 2017.

Synopsis of Kiralık Aşk

Defne, who cannot say no to the miracle that knocks on her door just as she says everything is over, accepts a 6-month love game offer. Accordingly, she has to fall in love with one of the country's most successful businessmen. His biggest assistant on this path is the man he truly loves. As this terrible mess turns into a crazy love triangle, Defne faces one of life's most real questions: Do we choose our love or does it choose us?

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Cast of Kiralık Aşk

Elcin Sangu as Defne

Elçin Sangu was born on August 13, 1985 in Istanbul. After she graduated from Mersin University Oprea department for her university education, she graduated from Yeditepe University Fine Arts Faculty Theater Department with a scholarship in 2006.


Baris Arduc as Omar

Barış Arduç, born on October 9, 1987, studied acting at Ekol Drama. Arduç, who is involved in swimming, football and diving sports, also worked as a photo model and dubbing artist. After starring in Ömür Gedik's Shattered clip, she started to act in serials. Barış Arduç 187 cm...


Salih Bademci as Sinan

Salih Bademci is a graduate of Bornova Anatolian High School. He played a role in Serdar Akar's movie Barda and in the Elveda Rumeli series, which was also produced by Serdar Akar, and is currently playing the character of Hakan Tatlıoğlu in the TV series "So One Passing Time", which is broadcast on Kanal D.


Nargis Kumbasar as Neriman

Born in Ankara, Nergis Kumbasar is a graduate of Ankara College. Nergis Kumbasar, who has a modeling diploma from the Ministry of National Education, left her university education and started modeling. She played the character of Canan in the TV series Darısı Başimize, which was broadcast on Show TV screens. Narcissus, which is broadcast on Star TV today...


Levent Ulgen as Necmi

He graduated from Ankara İnönü High School, METU Physics Department and then Hacettepe University Conservatory Theater Department. He started the theater at Erkan Yücel's Ankara Public Theatre. He started his theater career as an extra in Atçalı Kel Memet and continued with very different roles in various plays for both children and adults.


Kerem Fırtına as Ismail

Series and movie actor. He completed his primary and secondary education in Istanbul. The actor, who was interested in theater during his high school years, took part in various plays at his school. He graduated from Kenan Evren Anatolian High School in 1999, and in the same year he won the Public Administration Department of the Faculty of Political Sciences at Istanbul University. After graduating from university, Şahika Tekand...


Sanem Yeles as Nihan

Sanem Yeles was born on August 2, 1988. She graduated from Anadolu University, Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Department of Business Administration. Yeles started her acting career in 2012 with the character of Firdevs, which she portrayed in the TV series "Mor Menekşeler (Purple Violets)". Known for her series, Yeles gives life to the character of Selva in the TV series Kızlarım İçin (For My Girls).


Onur Buyuktopcu as Koray

Büyüktopçu went to England and received training at the Academy of Creative Training Brighton Act London Film Academy. He took his first step into acting with the TV series Lise Notebook in 2003 and played the character of Yusuf in this series. He took a guest role in TV series such as Foreign Groom, Doctors.


Osman Akca as serdar

He graduated from the Department of Acting at 9 Eylül University.


Ismail Karagoz as Sukru

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