Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) Synopsis And Cast: Netflix Turkish Series

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What the story of Kolej Rüyası (College Dream)? Who are the players? Which channel and when will the series be air?


Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series, which was in talks with digital platforms for the broadcasting rights, shot by the producer Bilal Kalyoncu entirely with his own means, was on the agenda of social media before it went on the air. The series, directed by Can Sarcan, is a youth series that can be broadcast on digital platforms due to its content. 

All the actors of the series, which started to work after Aşk101 became so popular, are social media phenomena. In the series, which does not have a professional player in its cast, all the actors were invited to the series with their success in social media. The guest actor of the series will be social media phenomenon Murat Övüç.

Synopsis of Kolej Rüyası (College Dream)

Preparations are being made for Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series, produced by Bilal Kalyoncu. In the series, the adventures of a group of young people studying in high school will be the subject, the series will include teachers as well as students, and the adventures of students' relationship activities with their teachers will be told in this series.

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Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) Platform

The cast of Kolej Rüyası series has been completed and shooting will begin soon. Although there is no official statement about which digital platform the series will be broadcast on yet, it has been reported that it has been discussed with Netflix. If Netflix agrees with the college dream series, the series will be released on Netflix platforms soon. Do you think Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series will be liked or watched? 


Cast of Kolej Rüyası (College Dream)

Hakan Burak Bozdogan

Hakan Burak Bozdoğan, known as the "Fat Man" on social media, will give life to a young high school student who knows the nightlife well in the series College Dream. So much so that she will even bring a belly dancer to school. Hakan Burak Bozdoğan, who attracted attention by performing a balance show in Talent You are previously, had previously appeared in the movie Sex-Corrupt.

İlayda Kırdı

Ilayda Kırdı, who is 19 years old and is a social media channel TIKTOK phenomenon, has 1 million followers on tiktok.


Dilara Kalayci

Dilara Kalaycı, a social media phenomenon, is also an Industrial engineering student. Dilara Kalaycı, who caught her childhood dream of acting with her success in Tiktok, is in front of the camera for the first time with her series, and if she gets positive reactions from this series, she is considering taking actress training to improve herself.

Kerem Alp Aslan

Kerem Alp Aslan, who took his first step into acting with the series, which earned a degree in Best Model Of Turkey 2018, has wanted to be an actor since his childhood. Working with manager Ahmet Ugurluer, Kerem Alp Aslan was chosen as the model with the best physique.


Ceylan Yalın

Ceylan gives life to the character of Selma in the series. English teacher Selma will be a goofy character. Ceylan Yalın, who was born in August 1994, is 1.67 cm tall and 53 kilos. She completed her acting training at Academy 35 and a half. She has recently appeared in TV series such as Medcezir and Ask and Mavi.


Turgay Baydur

Born on 26/01/1984, Turgay Baydur is 177 cm tall and weighs 66 kg. She graduated from Maltepe University, acting department. Although he previously played in commercials such as Vodafone and ORkid, he also had small roles in TV series such as Kardeş Payı and Yalan Dünya. Turgay Baydur will appear as a pastoralist in the TV series.


İlayda Demirel

İlayda Demirel is a Youtube and Tiktok celebrity. Her first series is Kolej Rüyası (College Dream).


Onur Sermik

Onur Sermik will be the young man of the College Dream series. Onur Sermik, who was born in 1991, appeared on the screen for the first time in the TV series Which We Loved. Onur Sermik, who is 29 years old, studied acting at Sadri Alışık Theater.

Mert Kahya

Mert Kahya, who has hundreds of videos on the Youtube platform and does not have a professional acting education, will be on the screen for the first time with Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series.


Ozkan Sagin

Özkan Sağın is a Tiktok phenomenon and his first series will be the College Dream series.

Angel Tanker

Yoga Educator Melek Tanker will be on the screen for the first time with her Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series.


Nursena Ozcanli

Nursena Özcanlı is a social media celebrity who is one of the contestants in Miss Turkey 2019.

Hazan Damla Canbaz

Hazan Damla Canbaz, a student of Ufuk University, is an Instagram phenomenon.


Gizem Hamarat

Gizem Hamarat, a student at Izmir University of Economics, is a competitor in O Ses Turkey.

Can Toprak

Can Toprak, who is in the sector as a model, will be on the screen for the first time with Kolej Rüyası (College Dream) series.

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