The New Turkish Series Sana Söz (Promise To You) Has Been Released!

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The first trailer of Söz (Promise To You) has been released! When does the series start? Who are the players? Here is the story of the series "Söz (Promise To You)"

The TV series Söz (Promise To You), starring the famous actors Erkan Petekkaya and Nehir Erdoğan, has been postponed. The first episode of the series, which was announced to be broadcast on October 29, did not come to the screens. So, when will the Sana Söz series start? Here is the answer to the curious question and the subject of the Sana Söz series and its actors...

The countdown has begun for Star TV's highly anticipated new series 'Söz (Promise To You)'. We brought together those who were curious about the series, which attracted great attention with its published promotions...

Söz (Promise To You) Release Date

Sana Söz series has been broadcast on Wednesday, November 3rd...

sana soz release date

Söz (Promise To You) Plot Story

Şenol Sönmez will sit in the director's chair of the TV series Sana Söz, which is produced by Q3 Medya. The lead role in the series, which is the starting point of the script with Müge Anlı and Tatlı Sert, will be played by Nehir Erdoğan.

The character of Elif, played by Nehir Erdoğan, will have similar characteristics with Müge Anlı. Elif, a television programmer, is trying to solve the murders and find the killers. The presenter is loved by the public. He has made many sacrifices throughout his life to do his job successfully. Elif believes that she has a happy family life. However, one day she learns that the incident she committed in the program was with her husband Erdem, causing her life to fall apart.

Erdem is a successful lawyer. He does not avoid keeping secrets from Elif. At this point, Chief of Police Ömer steps in. Ömer, played by Erken Petekkaya, is a police officer who will make you trust justice. The trust-built relationship between Ömer and Elif will turn into love over time. Read Also All Episode of Söz (Promise To You)

Söz (Promise To You) Players

Erkan Petekkaya continues to work for his new role, Commissioner Ömer. Explaining that he has a close relationship with the police, the famous actor states that he takes the facts as a basis during the creation of the character. Nehir Erdogan, on the other hand, communicated with Müge Anlı and announced that she had received advice from her. Serkan Altunorak, Ayçin İnci, Aslıhan Kapanşahin, Hivda Zizan Alp and Cansin Çekili are also in the cast of Sana Söz series.

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