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Aziz (The Saint) Episode 9 Release Date

Why Aziz (The Saint) today Episode 9 Friday 31 December 2021 didn't air? When is the new 9th episode released? What day is the series playing? Has this series ended?

Aziz, the new series of SHOW TV, became one of the popular TV series in a short time. The series, which is very popular from the first episode, draws attention with its successful cast and strong story. The 9th episode trailer of the series, which locked the audience on the screen, was released. Here is Aziz new episode trailer and when will it be released ...

Aziz, the newest TV series of Show TV, starring Damla Sönmez and Murat Yıldırım, was very popular from its first episode. The new episode trailer of the Aziz series, in which Recai Karagöz sits in the director's chair, whose script was written by Eda Tezcan and produced by Saner Ayar, has been released. Here is Aziz 9th episode trailer and when will it be released ...

aziz episode 9 release date
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What happen in the end pisode Summary?

In the 8th Chapter of Aziz; Aziz's heroic fight for freedom results in a massive awakening across the city. Aziz, who is trying to get Efnan out of that residence, is leaning against Pierre's door. The tension between Pierre and Pierre was implacably stalemated as a result of this move. While Dilruba tried to bear the weight of the knowledge she had discovered, Adam found himself at odds with his conscience and his heart. To keep Mustafa away from Maksude, Galip put him to the test with his children. Their exam, however, put not only this love to the test, but also Aziz and Adam's fraternity.

Aziz (The Saint) Episode 9 Trailer 

The highly anticipated ninth episode of Aziz, the TV series produced by Show TV and produced by O3 Medya and produced by Saner Ayar, has been released. In the promotion where Aziz confronts Galip Payidar after the big secret he learned, the tension caused by the French soldiers in the Zülfikar Carpet Workshop draws attention. While the French want to remove the Atatürk painting hanging in the workshop, Aziz opposes this. While the public applauds with Atatürk's paintings on the streets of the city, it is a matter of curiosity how Pierre will react to this situation. The emotional moments when Aziz puts a ring on Efnan's finger arouse great excitement. Aziz is on Show TV with its new episode on Friday, January 14th at 8 P.M!

Consisting of the footage of the TV series "Aziz", which was produced by O3 Medya and produced by Saner Ayar, and starring Murat Yıldırım, Damla Sönmez, Simay Barlas, Ahmet Mümtaz Taylan, Murat Güven Akpınar and Fırat Tanış, Show TV locked millions on the screen. The clip has been released.

A video clip for the song "Yalnız Aşk Aziz", composed by Cem Tuncer and written by Günay Çoban, performed by Zuhal Olcay in the studio for Aziz, was prepared. The clip prepared for the emotionally charged song, one of Aziz's most talked about and influential scenes, received great acclaim.

With his strong names and impressive story, Aziz (The Saint) is on Show TV with new 9th episodes in the new year, January 14th. Read Also All Episode of Aziz (The Saint)

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