Episode 1 Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother): Trailer And Summary

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The first episode trailer of Annemizi Saklarken has been released! When will the series aired? What the plot story is? Who are the casts? How their character is? 

Saying hello to broadcast life on Star TV screens last night, the TV series Annemizi Saklarken is on the agenda of social media. The firs episode trailer of Annemizi Saklarken, which will tell the life of Handan, a young mother with three children, has been released. For those who missed the 1st episode and those who want to watch it again, one piece was released in full. Here is the first episode of Star TV series Annemizi Saklarken ....

annemizi saklarken ep 1
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Produced by Ojo Pictures and starring actors such as Kutsi, Hande Doğandemir, Yeşim Ceren Bozoğlu and Hatice Aslan, the TV series Annemizi Saklarken was appreciated with its first episode. The first episode with interesting developments is ready to watch as a single piece. Here is the 1st episode of Annemizi Saklarken…

Annemizi Saklarken Episode 1 Trailer

Annemizi Saklarken Episode 1 Summary

Despite the heavy traumas in her past, Handan, a woman full of life, is a young mother of three, whose biggest dream is to reach a more comfortable life. Handan believes that the only way to achieve her dreams is to make a right marriage. The biggest obstacle on this path is the children of the rich husband candidates, who intimidate them. Having given up hope of being a fortune hunter with three children, Handan's life changes when her path crosses with the couple Dundar and Zerrin Demir.

Star TV's new series,  Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother) Episode 1, will be on the screens on Thursday, December 8th. Read Also All Episode of Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother)

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