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Episode 14 Yargı (The Judgment): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Ceylin solves the confusion in Engin's poisoning case! The new 14th episode of Yargı (The Judgment) has been released! What happen in the episode on December 19th? 

Ceylin became a murderer, Ilgaz is in shock! The highly anticipated 14th episode trailer of Kanal D's record-breaking series, Yargı (The Judgment), has been released. In the trailer, it was seen that Ceylin, who found herself next to the corpse in a forest, could not get over the shock she experienced.

Kanal D's popular TV series, Yargı (The Judgment), directed by Ali Bilgin and written by Sema Ergenekon, is among the most ambitious projects of the season. Ay Yapım's series, which is an action and drama that brings together many successful names such as Kaan Urgancıoğlu, Pınar Deniz and Hüseyin Avni Danyal, manages to reach the top of the ratings with every episode.

The 14th episode trailer of the Yargı (The Judgment) series, which tells the story of a lawyer and a prosecutor whose paths cross due to a murder case, will be broadcast on Sunday, December 19th. Realizing that Ceylin was next to Engin in the trailer, Ilgaz told Prosecutor Pars, Ceylin somehow got in that car. Engin thinks he is alone. He went after Ceylin to stop Engin.

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Prosecutor Pars, who got angry because of Ilgaz's words, said, "Because Lawyer Lady lives on adrenaline instead of oxygen." Engin's father Yekta said, "No one can harm my son or my family. I will not allow this." He was surprised at what he saw in the face of the incoming call.

On the other hand, while going to the forest where Ceylin was, Ilgaz asked Ceylin, "What did you do?" Ceylin pulled back. While Ilgaz could not hide his surprise at Ceylin's attitude, his grandfather Merdan's words, "Don't ask questions you don't want to hear the answer to, you'll be sorry later." 

Ceylin can't get out of the shock. Ceylin, who realized that Engin was going to run away and followed him, woke up in a dark forest in shock. Ilgaz, who is looking for Ceylin everywhere, is full of fear. The police chasing Engin gets another tip. Metin is horrified when he learns that a man's body has been found. What happened to Ceylin? Where is Engin? Whose body was found?  Here is the 14th episode trailer and episode summary of Yargı (The Judgment)...

What happen in the end episode?

Engin is hospitalized as a result of poisoning in prison. The ice is melting completely between Ceylin and Ilgaz! Ilgaz begins to express his feelings for Ceylin. So what awaits the couple after this romantic night? Ceylin, who sees Engin in the hospital, wants him to die on the one hand, and wants him to live and be punished on the other. As Metin confronts his father, Merdan, Ceylin realizes that Engin is planning to escape. Will Ceylin be able to prevent Engin from escaping?

Yargı (The Judgment) Episode 14 Trailer 

Yargı (The Judgment) Episode 14 Summary

Ilgaz, who could not get any news from Ceylin, went crazy. For Ilgaz, who knows Ceylin well, it is not difficult at all to think like him and make sense of what he does. On the one hand, the security forces, who are legally alarmed by Engin's escape, on the other hand, mobilize to deal with the loss of Ceylin. Sleepless nights and days await them all.

Before the puzzle of who poisoned Engin is solved, the question of who may have been kidnapped has now arose. In this process, while some of them make a partnership of fate for the sake of their secrets, for others, the end of the road seems obvious.

Ceylin, who has been accustomed to overcoming all difficulties on her own, is now in a knot that is difficult to get out of. Will the fate that brings him side by side with Ilgaz every time somehow, this time, will be able to clamp the two of them together with unbreakable ropes?

The serie will be updated on December 19th. Thank you for your revisit ..... In the 14th episode of Yargı (The Judgment) series Released on Sunday, December 19th at 08 P.M! Read Also All Episode of Yargı (The Judgment)

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