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Episode 3 Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; the chase between Dündar and Handan turns into a game of cat and mouse involving everyone. The new 3rd episode trailer of Annemizi Saklarken has been released! What happen in the new episode on December 22nd?

The one who took her first baby in her arms at the age to be considered a child and gave birth to two more; Handan, who is currently working as a private customer assistant in a well-known fashion workshop in Nişantaşı, starts going to a dress rehearsal for Zerrin and Dündar Demir's wedding anniversary. During this time, the life of Handan and her children, which attracts Dundar's attention, will change after Zerrin and Dündar's wedding anniversary party.

The second episode of the Star TV series called Annemizi Saklarken was broadcast on Wednesday, December 15th. The rating results of the first episode of the series, in which Hande Doğandemir and Kutsi took the lead roles, were very curious. Those results are out.

annemizi saklarken episode 3
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Among the TV series broadcast by Star TV this season, Annemizi Saklarken is one of the most prominent productions with its story. However, the rating debut of the series did not meet expectations. We can say that there was a big shock with the low rates.

The project Annemizi Saklarken was not among the top 10 programs in any category, with ratings far below the average. This was recorded as one of the bad beginnings on the Star TV screen. Last week, Kaderimin Oyunu series was broadcast with its first episode and it had a good start by getting close to the average rates.

What happen in the end episode?

While the tragedy is devastating not only for the Demir family but also for Handan, Derya experiences a completely different destruction regarding her mother. While Handan is trying to collect himself over time, Dündar follows Handan without wasting any time. Handan is not only the target of Dündar, but also of Füsun, who wants to figure out what happened that night, and Benan, Dündar's older sister. Derya's target is Bora, whose money she wants to return. However, a bad surprise awaits Derya. While Bora pursues the bond between Derya and Handan, the chase between Dündar and Handan turns into a game of cat and mouse involving everyone.

Annemizi Saklarken Episode 3 Trailer

Annemizi Saklarken Episode 3 Summary

While Handan and Dündar's photos make Handan the target of the Demir family, Derya's deal with Bora turns into a huge disappointment. Derya, who is once again in a difficult situation because of her mother, cannot forgive the embarrassment she has experienced and mother-daughter gets a big wound. Taking the pain out of the photos from Derya, Bora finally has a hard confrontation with her father, while Dündar is after Handan, whom he is obsessed with regardless of any crisis. 

As Dundar's interest starts to confuse Handan, Handan fails her motherhood as usual, but this time her mistake is not limited to children and causes her to be unemployed. The hand that Dundar extends at a time when he is completely cornered in life is the beginning of a new era that will change the lives of all of them.

Star TV's new series,  Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother) Episode 3 will be on the screens on Thursday, December 22nd. Read Also All Episode of Annemizi Saklarken (Hiding Our Mother)

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