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When will the new 7th episode of Destan (The Epic) be released, Why isn't it tonight? Watch 6th the alternative episode full movie streaming .....

Research for the new 7th episode of Destan (The Epic) series gained momentum. The series, which came to the screen on Tuesday evenings, appeared in front of the audience with its last 6th episode. The audience, who followed the events between Batuga and Akkız with excitement, began to wait for the new episode. Well, when is the new 7th episode of Destan (The Epic)? Here is the ATV broadcast stream and the curious ones…

It is wondered why there is no Destan (The Epic) new episode tonight. The series is in front of the audience every Tuesday evening at 8 P.M. The fact that the Destan series was not included in the January 3 ATV broadcast stream created question marks in mind. Every year, during the New Year's holiday, TV series take a break from new episodes for a week or two. Here are the details ....

destan episode 7 release date
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When Will Destan (The Epic) Be Released?

The series will not be on the screen with its new episode tonight. According to the ATV broadcast stream, the special episode of Destan (The Epic) series will be broadcast at 8 P.M. The new episode of the series is expected to air next week. The new 7th episode trailer has not been published yet. 

Why There isn't Destan Episode 7

The new episode of ATV's record-breaking series Destan will not be on the screen due to the New Year's holiday. The new 7th episode of the epic will be on ATV next week on Tuesday, January 18th. Read Also All Episode of Destan (The Epic)

Destan (The Epic) Episode 6 Full Movie

Bozkir will come alive! Akkız is cornered

Balamir, who in the sixth episode of Destan (The Epic) arrests the Muslim Arab boy who knows that Akkz is a claw, reveals the youngster at Batuga and Krçiçek's engagement party and informs all the guests that Alpagu Khan hung the wrong criminal on the pole. Alpagu Khan loses his throne, and Akkz dies as a result of Balamir's action.

Batuga bury his pain in his heart

Alpagu makes a brilliant strategy to gain his reign, while Akkz must flee the hidden tunnel made by Batuga for Yaman. The two parts of a destiny, Akkz and Batuga, are dragged down divergent roads. Batuga burys his sorrow in his heart and tries to save the Muslim youngster on his own by playing a game against Kaya's mind game. All Gök is after Akkz, and he makes a move that everyone, including Batuga, is surprised by.

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