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Episode 12 Elkızı (Hand of Girl): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Ali senses something isn't quite right, but no one save Ezo is willing to admit it. What happen in the episode on January 22nd?  Watch the alternative 12nd episode trailer here ....

When will El Kızı episode 12 be released? El Kızı is looking for those who want to watch the last episode in one piece. But why was the El Kızı series not published? Has a synopsis or trailer been published for the continuation of the series, where the excitement is at its peak in the last episode? Here are the details of the end episode of the curious El Kızı series...

When is El Kızı episode 12 Released?

The end episode of the El Kızı series gave a New Year's holiday. The series, which has not been broadcast since the week we entered the New Year, will meet with its fans on the screen with its new episode on Saturday, January 15th. And the 12nd episode will be released on January 22nd.

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In the end episode; Much more difficult choices await Ezo, who left the man she loves, Ali, at the wedding table, in order not to leave her mother in the face of Harun's threat. Harun asks Ezo to be his wife, even though he offers all his wealth to get her out of his life. Harun has billed all the women in his life, especially Ezo. Including his mother... He is now the captain of the ship and even Nermin has lost all control over his son.

While Ezo struggles to get rid of Harun, Ali tries to learn the truth from Ezo. While he is trying to understand what is going on, unaware of the predicament of the woman he loves, he finds himself at a very dangerous border when he is made to believe that he was abandoned for the sake of Harun.

Seher, on the other hand, has healed her wounds thanks to Mert, while trying to make a new start; Because of a weakness he shows, he is drawn into a much bigger trap. In the mansion, Zeliha, who is confined to bed with the medicines given by Cavidan, struggles to get up. Will she be able to recover and save her daughters before it's too late? Here are 12nd episode trailer and episode summary of Elkızı (Hand of Girl) ....

What happen in the end episode?

Ezo's lightest nightmare is marrying Harun. She is willing to suffer for her mother's sake, but she is in a terrible circumstance. This is the first and only time Ali has noticed it. Ali senses something isn't quite right, but no one save Ezo is willing to admit it. Everything begins anew when Zeliha refuses to take her medicine. She recalls Zeliha, and she will hold Cavidan accountable for what he has done to her. She will also be reunited with her daughters, Ezo and Seher. 

While Ezo's hopes are fading, she receives assistance from someone she never expected, Nermin. Ezo has a plan, and if it works, she will be able to rid herself of Harun and reclaim her freedom. Reuniting with Ali is no longer a fantasy for Ezo, who has regained her optimism, but her envy and pain when she sees Songül and Ali flips her world upside down. This time there will be no draw. There will only be victors and losers in this contest...

Elkızı (Hand of Girl) Episode 12 Trailer

Elkızı (Hand of Girl) Episode 12 Summary

Even more painful than Harun's victory, Ezo's witnessing of the closeness between Ali and Songül. She thinks that Ali also has feelings for Songül, but Aslı is not like that. Ali is like the first day. If not, Ezo. Harun has intimidated everyone, but this time he takes advantage of the opportunity that comes his way. He turns an impulsive move by Ali to protect Ezo in his favor and threatens Ezo through Ali.

Nermin started to get scared of her son's sick state. As if these were not enough, they are also threatened. Someone knows that they killed Cemal! While all this was going on, Cavidan learned that her grandson, whom she knew died years ago, is still alive. Step by step she goes to find her grandchild. At the point where Ezo bows to something for Ali, Zeliha also learns everything. Her daughters are in trouble and have no choice but to take them and run.

Elkizi 12nd Episode was on FOX on Saturday, January 22nd at 8 P.M. Read Also All Episode of Elkızı (Hand of Girl)

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