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Episode 36 Kardeşlerim (The Sibling): Trailer And Summary

The new 36th episode trailer of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) has been released! In the end episode; Will Emel be adopted? What happen in the episode on January 22nd?

The popular TV series Kardeşlerim released the second trailer of the 35th episode. 'Kardeşlerim (The Sibling)', broadcast on ATV screens, continues its broadcast life rapidly. Finally, the series, which was published with its 35th episode, took a break for the new year. The viewers, who are wondering whether the series will be broadcast this week, continue their research. Here is the new episode date of the series, episode summary and the highly anticipated 35th episode 2 trailer of Kardeşlerim in our news!

The trailer for the new episode of the TV series 'Kardeşlerim (The Sibling)', which was produced by NGM and produced by Nazlı Heptürk and starring our country's popular actors such as Celil Nalçakan and Ahu Yağtu, has been released. With its scenes full of love, drama and excitement, My Brothers, which has been widely talked about and appreciated on social media, has once again managed to attract attention with its 36th new episode trailer. The new episode of the Kardeşlerim series will be with you on Saturday, January 22nd at 8 P.M...

kardeslerim episode 36
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What happen in the end episode?

lknur and Burhan strive to help the Eren brothers after feeling terrible about Emel's injury; Resul's new breath draws the entire class together as two separate teams in an exciting competition.

While developments on the Resul front pushed Ayla to make a new decision, the Eren family is thrown into a dangerous predicament by Oulcan's unexpected move after receiving a surprise dinner invitation.

Kardeşlerim Episode 36 Trailer 

"Stay away from us!" "We were young as glass, they broke, we sharpened."

Kardeşlerim Episode 36 Summary

While Oğulcan is faced with the fear of being arrested, his entire family does their best to support him. Oğulcan's situation is met with a great reaction from the parents of the school. Akif and Ayla make a surprise collaboration against Suzan. As the ties between Asiye and Doruk are tense, Orhan is looking for ways to hire a good lawyer for Oğulcan with all his might. Ilknur's unexpected offer shocks Şengül.

Kardeşlerim (The Sibling) Broadcast on Saturday, January 22nd, on ATV with episode 36 is taking its place on the screens. Read Also All Episode of Kardeşlerim (The Sibling)

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