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Episode 6 Mahkum (The Prisoner): Trailer And Summary

In the end episode; Cemre on one side and Sasha on the other start looking for Ali, who will unlock the lock. The new 6th episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner) has been released! Watch the alternative 6th episode trailer of Mahkum here....

Prosecutor Fırat is very close to his daughter! In the end episode of FOX TV's popular series Mahkum (The Prisoner); It was seen that Prosecutor Fırat suspected that his daughter was alive and tried to find her. Barış said, "If Ali speaks, the whole game is over."

In the director's chair, Volkan Kocatürk's screenplay was written by Uğraş Güneş, FOX TV's popular TV series Mahkum (The Prisoner) was adapted from the Korean Drama titled 'Innocent Defendant'. Onur Tuna, Seray Kaya, Melike İpek Yalova, İsmail Hacıoğlu and Hayal Köseoğlu take the lead roles in the series by MF Production.

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On Thursday, December 30, the trailer of the 5th episode of the series, which appeared before the audience with its 5th episode, was released. In the published trailer; While prosecutor Fırat suspects that her daughter is alive, her lawyer asks Cemre, "Is my daughter alive? My daughter is alive, I feel it. I know." said.

While lawyer Cemre was surprised by this question, she collided with Barış and dropped important documents in her hand. Seeing that Cemre has Ali's photograph in his hand, Barış panicked and said, "If Ali speaks, the whole game is over." confused by his words.

What happen in the end episode?

Firat's struggle, which began after he returned from the edge of death after hearing from Ali, has resumed. All the dark truths will be revealed by what this intriguing boy has to say. Ali, on the other hand, is about to be evacuated. Cemre is in charge of looking for him outside.

Bariş continues to perform the role of Savaş in Ferda's life after fixing the signature issue in forensic medicine. He discovers, on the other hand, that Ali has been evacuated and takes action. They need to get in touch with Ali to work out their differences with the prosecution. On one hand, Cemre and Sasha begin seeking for Ali, who will release the lock...

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 6 Trailer 

Mahkum (The Prisoner) Episode 6 Summary

The serie will be released on January 20th. Thank you for your revisit .... 

The new 6th episode of Fox TV's new series Mahkum (The Prisoner) will broadcast on Thursday, January 20, 2021. Read Also All Episode of Mahkum (The Prisoner)

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